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Why Health Total

Lose weight, Gain Health

A fast paced lifestyle has gradually introduced a lot of junk food into our daily diet. We don’t even seem to realize that the food we eat nowadays is more to satisfy our taste-buds rather than fulfilling the nutritional needs of our body. In addition, when the busy executive packs a power lunch or a meeting over dinner, nutrition almost invariably takes a back seat.

We must comprehend that this kind of eating can ostensibly satisfy our hunger but it does not provide the required nutrients essential to nourish our system. Furthermore, sedentary lifestyle in combination with fats, sugar and salt-laden junk food works as the perfect recipe to disrupt the delicate balance and invite chronic diseases.

Everybody needs a healthy diet plan!

Be it busy executives, housewives, or curriculum-loaded children – all of them today are more prone to gaining weight due to their packed schedules, leaving them little time to exercise or eating right. For these people, Health Total is the one-stop solution – where we provide them with a key that takes care of their nutritional needs, positively modifies their lifestyle behavior and yet can be incorporated so easily in their daily routine.

Why is Health Total the right choice for you?

Good health comes from a state of balance within our body and at Health Total, we believe that this balance comes from eating correctly, exercising regularly, working meaningfully and thinking positively. The weight loss and other health programs at Health Total are the only ones that offer people a solution for a lifetime – not just one that gives temporary results.

Ours is the only program that repairs, rejuvenates, nourishes the body as well as maintains the results produced. Moreover, each of our weight loss or other health program is carefully customized for each individual based on their genetics, lifestyle, prakruti (body type analysis) and age.