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Mr. Saurabh Mukerjee

Saurabh Mukerjee, the visionary behind the brand Health Total, cherished the dream of making a significant contribution towards the creation of a healthy society. His firm resolution to make a difference is what acted as the propelling force to bring Health Total to the forefront in the corporate sector.

He conceptualised Health Total as an organisation where ‘good health comes from’. Recalling the origin of Health Total, Saurabh Mukerjee says “Anjali Mukerjee had been practising as a nutritionist for 16 years. In 1996, I realised the increasing influx of patients at her clinic, which made it difficult to give personal attention to all”. Hence, Health Total centres were set up to institutionalise the concept of alternative lifestyle to cater to more people with personalised attention.”

Thus, while his wife Anjali Mukerjee used her knowledge and experience as a nutritionist to prepare various weight loss and other health programmes, Saurabh Mukerjee took over the job of establishing and marketing Health Total as a category leader owning a chain of weight loss and health clinics.

Saurabh Mukerjee’s firm resolution to make a difference is what acted as the propelling force to bring Health Total to the forefront in the corporate healthcare sector.

Anjali Mukerjee


“I want to devote my life to help people regain their health and well-being through natural means. For this, I have developed health programs which offer people an opportunity to improve their health. This gives meaning and purpose to my life.”

ANJALI MUKERJEE — Nutritionist, Researcher, Columnist, Author, Founder and Director – Health Total, is India’s leading Nutritionist and today, a name synonymous with Health and Nutrition.


Commander KK Parashar
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
About Commander KK Parashar

Commander Parashar, ex-Navy, has extensive experience in managing and leading large-scale operations with a special focus on human resources. After a noteworthy stint in the Navy, he joined the corporate world, where he has successfully contributed to setting up new organizations and driving operational efficiency.

At Health Total, he is in charge of leading the pan India centre operations and the sales team. Health Total has grown from strength to strength under his exceptional leadership and guidance.

Pankaj Chandra
Chief Business Officer (CBO)
About Pankaj Chandra

Pankaj has 25 years of proven experience in marketing management, business planning, sales, retail, and ecommerce across industry verticals.

At Health Total, Pankaj drives business growth across all existing verticals. He is also responsible for planning new business initiatives that will further the growth of the organization. Under his leadership, Health Total is moving towards becoming a Health-Tech company that aspires to touch the lives of over a million people.

A peoples’ person and an expert communicator, Pankaj focusses on creating an environment where both the internal and external customers of the organization can share insights and provide valuable feedback.

Sujitkumar Nair
VP Marketing & Customer Acquisition
About Sujitkumar Nair

Sujit has 16+ years of experience in marketing, consulting, business development and client servicing.  He has handled critical positions in B2B and B2C businesses across industries with special focus on performance-based marketing. A start-up enthusiast, he actively consults technology start-ups in his spare time.

In his current role at Health Total, he oversees the organization’s marketing vertical and drives customer acquisition.

Deepam Sen
VP Sales
About Deepam Sen

Deepam has 18+ years of experience in retail store management, channel & direct sales, operations, customer services, training. She has unparalleled expertise in managing all aspects of franchise business with special focus on delivering sales and ensuring strict compliance by franchisees.

At Health Total, Deepam is responsible for meeting the annual operating revenue, contribution plan and supervising the sales and service teams in the 60 centres across India. She is also responsible for developing new SOP’s, conducting audits and ensuring cost and expense management. She also manages the manpower dynamics across the centres.

Being a certified “Train the Trainer”, Deepam has effectively recognised the training requirements of doctors and nutritionists and believes in effective training to ensure better delivery of services across centres.

Bhairavi Bhatt
VP Human Resource (HR)
About Bhairavi Bhatt

Bhairavi is an experienced HR professional with a proven track record of successfully handling HR processes like hiring for senior positions, employee training and development, succession planning, competency mapping, creating competitive compensation and benefit structure, and implementing a 360-degree appraisal system among other functions.

In her current role at Health Total, she has developed and implemented policies to reduce attrition rate and is working on creating future leaders within the organization.

Along with handling all the HR functions, she also collaborates with the organization’s widespread sales team to create an environment conducive to achieving sales targets and business growth.

Nikita Barnes
Head - Corporate Sales
About Nikita Barnes

Nikita has 13+ years of experience in successfully developing new business opportunities, executing projects, and training sales teams. She has a proven track record in corporate sales and brand management, handling varied brands in the consulting, information services, event management, media, and technology industries.

At Health Total, she is effectively leading the corporate sales team to a build strong relationship with the corporate sector and create awareness of the importance of employee wellness.

Amit Bhuyan
DGM Customer Engagement
About Amit Bhuyan

Amit has successfully lead the team to build robust systems and processes for managing and presenting data, generating insights, enhancing user experience, facilitating decision-making, managing customer relationships, and creating improved loyalty benefits plans.

He has also developed systems and processes to digitize data and manage online and offline storefronts. A proven leader, Amit manages all the customer journeys and helps improve customer experience through technology interventions and real-time customer assistance.

Antonita Fernando
DGM Tele-Sales (Response Team)
About Antonita Fernando

Antonita has 18 years of experience in customer service, quality testing, training, and sales. She has extensive experience in consumer healthcare business handling training for the call centre team, MIS, and quality testing.

In her current role at Health Total, Antonita has created a strong response team that effectively generates quality leads for new business and successfully converts these leads into business. Through her steadfast efforts, she has effectively contributed in driving the business objectives.