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Simple and Effective Diet Plan for Acidity

What is acidityLooking for tips to reduce acidity symptoms because medications just don’t seem to give enough relief?! Treatment with natural nutrition and Ayurveda not only help give relief from the symptoms, but also help cure the condition!Acidity is one of the most common problems that impacts the quality of life of millions of people across the globe, yet few realise that unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle choices cause the condition. Physical or emotional stress, obesity, bad eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and acidity together form a vicious circle. So, the best way to treat the problem is by making changes in your eating habits and lifestyle modifications.

You must have tried the ‘instant relief’ remedies already, but they may not really improve your quality of life! Let us know what we can help you with — heartburn, bloating, excessive burping, chest pain? Sign up for a FREE consultation to find out how easy it is to follow the Health Total diet plan.

Why Health Total?

The Health Total good digestion plan offers solutions for varied digestive complaints, including acid reflux or GERD, chronic constipation, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome amongst many. Unlike conventional medicines, which only temporarily relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, the Health Total plan aims at cleansing the body with a combination of ‘Food and Ayurveda’ that provide long-term relief from the condition.

A personalised plan based on a 4-step scientific approach helps manage acid reflux that can otherwise cripple one’s personal as well as professional life. Good nutrition combined with Ayurveda makes for a more holistic treatment and eliminates complications that can arise from severe acid.

Health Total Acidity Management

The Health Total Acidity Plan

Acidity isn’t a new problem for mankind. Conventional methods of treatment leave you going round in circles. Some people suffer all their lives despite all the medications they are prescribed. This is why once you have been told that you have acid reflux, you would be prescribed with several natural remedies and tempted with the idea of getting fast relief. But in the long run, if you don’t want to make the symptoms complicated, it is better to bring about some lifestyle modification and trust Health Total approach to manage this health disorder.

There is a deep connection between what you eat and how you live.
—Anjali Mukerjee

Acidity Food

Food Plan

We include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts in your regular meals. Thin buttermilk, lime water, coconut water and peppermint green tea aid the digestion process.

Herbal Formulation

Acidity is referred as Amla Pitta in Ayurveda and can strike at any time and at anywhere. However, the herbal world has remedies for this as well. We use herbs that help soothe the burning sensation and improve the digestive system.

So, you see how the Health Total’s plan can help you manage the symptoms naturally!

Diet & Lifestyle Tips

Diet plays an important role in controlling excess stomach acid, so eat high-fibre meal as research shows that people who follow high-fibre diet not only lose weight, but they are also 20% less likely to suffer from this health disorder. At Health Total, we believe that nutrition has magical powers. We use ‘foods as medicine’ to manage your health. Here are some tips to manage the symptoms –

  • Ginger for Acidity Eat veggies such as drumsticks, beans, cabbage, carrot and spring onions. Spinach also helps manage acidity symptoms. Eat small meals. Have your last meal before 8 pm
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Say no to aerated drinks and caffeine. Switch to anti-flatulence tea
  • If you’re overweight then losing weight decreases the symptoms. Find out more about weight loss diet and foods
  • Avoid oily or fried foods and alcohol. Include banana, watermelon and cucumber in your daily diet. Coconut water is known to soothe the system
  • Ginger aids in digestion. Either buy powdered ginger in capsule forms or add the herb to your recipes. Foods to avoid
  • Quit smoking
  • Studies have shown that sleeping on your stomach or right side can cause additional pressure that increases the symptoms. Left-side sleepers report relief


The acidity and alkalinity of foods take the centre-stage in most diet plans. To reduce the acidic nature of the body, it needs to be turned towards being more alkaline. By adding foods to lower acidity in your body you automatically increase the chances of your body becoming more alkaline. Here is a list of alkaline foods:

Alkaline Diet Food List

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Oils such as olive oil and coconut oil
  • Nuts, seeds, legumes, herbs and spices
  • Beverages such as apple juice, grape juice, herbal teas and apple cider vinegar
  • Drink more of jeera-dhania water, mint and basil water

Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid

There is a debate on which foods cause acid reflux symptoms, but certain foods have been shown to cause acidity in many people. Below is a list of foods:

Foods to Avoid

What is Acidity?

Acidity foodsAcidity is a term used for a set of symptoms caused by excess production of acid by the gastric glands in the stomach, which normally secretes hydrochloric acid (HCL) required for digestion of food. Medically, a person is diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) when acid reflux occurs more than twice a week. Acidity causes symptoms like dyspepsia, heartburn, gastric inflammation and peptic ulcers. Sometimes, constipation and indigestion is also seen in people. It can be treated with antacids and mainly by making changes in eating and lifestyle habits.


The most common acid reflux symptoms that one might experience include:

  • Acid reflux symptomsBurning sensation in the upper abdomen, also known as heartburn
  • Pain, discomfort in the stomach
  • Burping
  • Gas and bloating
  • Dry mouth, sour and bitter taste in mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dry, persistent cough
  • Bad breath
  • Black stools
  • Unexpected weight loss

Here are more symptoms of acidity


Everyone experiences acid reflux occasionally and this is often associated with certain foods and drinks. There are various other factors that can result in the regurgitation of acid that triggers unpleasant acid reflux symptoms like chest pain. Here’s a checklist of the common risk factors —

  • Work or emotional stress
  • Do you know sitting for long hours in front of your laptop is said to be the new ‘smoking’? Leading a sedentary lifestyle is the major cause of acidity
  • Long gaps between meals or skipping meals
  • Obesity. Are you overweight? Lose some kilos now. We tell you how!
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Pregnancy
  • Drinking too much caffeine or tea
  • Eating a lot of junk and processed foods
  • Lack of exercise or physical activity
  • Lying down immediately after meal
  • Chronic cough

Read more about causes of acidity


If any of the above symptoms are troubling you, the most important change that brings significant relief is lifestyle modification. Stress plays a major role in aggravating the symptoms, so proper sleep and a healthy diet can lower stress levels. Try to eliminate foods from your diet that seem to aggravate the condition and observe if doing so brings any relief. You will soon be able to identify what causes acidity and what helps reduce symptoms. Also, if you have a desk job, go for a walk or jog in the mornings or evenings.

Try these recipes by Health Total Anjali Mukerjee for managing acidity! Chat with us to Book an appointment with our health experts and get a personalised acidity management plan.