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homeopathy treatmentHealth is much more than just looking and feeling good. Good health can only be achieved when the body is healthy, from the inside out! Homeopathy is our choice of medicine because of its natural and holistic approach. Homeopathy treatment picks up where conventional forms of medicine fall short.

While conventional medication can only offer temporary results, homeopathic remedies not only provide relief from your health problems, but also help manage the condition by enhancing the body’s ability to self-heal.

Why Health Total Homeopathy Plan

At Health Total, we combine the age-old science of Ayurveda, therapeutic and healing power of nutrition, alternative medicinal system of homeopathy treatment and the emerging science of Nutrigenomics to offer personalised approach to health problems. Each component of our advanced nutritional therapy and health management programme has progressed, generating a satisfied client base of more than 5 lakh people who are reaping the benefits of our homeopathy treatment.


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homeopathy planThe Homeopathy Integrated Approach

Homeopathy and nutrition together form a potent combination that not only heal you from within, but also take you towards healthy well-being. Health Total understands that underlying genetic susceptibility, along with exposure to infectious agents, toxic chemicals and stressful lifestyle contribute to complex health issues.

We believe in the healing power of homeopathy – an alternative to conventional medicine and a holistic way of treating an individual. The Health Total integrated approach towards homeopathy is unique and long lasting, as it helps in bridging the gap between medicine, detoxification and a healthy diet. Poor nutrition is a big hindrance to good health. So, advanced nutritional therapy, functional foods and detoxification can help people regain health.

Our team of homeopathic doctors first understand your health requirements, followed by a customised nutritional plan and suggest certain lifestyle changes.

The nutrition plan suggested by our homeopathic doctors is based on your current health status, which includes vitamin and mineral-rich foods that are full of antioxidants. This helps your body in the crucial process of detoxification, which prepares your body to accept nourishment in the correct proportions. Thus, your nutrition will now support the overall homeopathic treatment giving you the power of multiplier effect.

Benefits of Health Total Homeopathy Plan


  • Simple & easy-to-follow health plan
  • Personalised tasty meal plan
  • Healing through natural medications
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for individuals of all age groups









How it Works

After an overall health evaluation, our experts provide you with a personalised meal plan and suggest a few simple lifestyle changes and homeopathic remedies, aimed at addressing the specific requirements of your body. Here’s how it works!

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  • Share your family history and current health status with a Health Total homeopathy expert
  • Based on your medical history and health requirements our expert will recommend an appropriate homeopathy treatment for you

Easy-to-follow food plan

Keeping your medical and health needs in mind, our nutritionists will prepare a personalised diet plan, which complements the overall homeopathy treatment. We do not recommend the consumption of exotic foods. Instead, our meal plans are simple and easy-to-follow, yet tasty and nutritious! We offer safe Ayurvedic herbs to detoxify your body and make it nutrient-receptive. Our suggest effective homeopathic remedies to help revitalise your body from within.

homeopathic remediesSimple lifestyle modifications

  • Homeopathic doctors and nutritionists will be with you throughout your health journey, to guide, counsel and support you every step of the way
  • Your doctor will suggest mild exercise based on your lifestyle. This can make a huge difference, especially while undergoing Homeopathy treatment
  • We do not recommend strenuous exercise or tiring workouts
  • We recommend indulging in a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. Such as brisk walking, yoga, swimming and jogging.

Busting Myths Associated with Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an alternative medical practice. It is safe, gentle and follows a holistic approach to treat ailments and improve overall health. This form of medicine enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself. However, there are many misconceptions regarding homeopathy medicine.

Homeopathy is a slow acting genre of medicineNo
At the onset of homeopathy treatment, the disease symptoms drastically increaseNo
Homeopathy medicines have steroidsNo
Can people suffering from diabetes take homeopathic medicines?Yes
Can homeopathic medicines be taken with other form of medication?Yes
Are there any food restrictions in homeopathy treatment?No
Homeopathy does not work in acute casesNo

Homeopathy Plans

Health Total’s homeopathy plans are completely safe and natural and offer effective results without unwanted side effects. Our homeopathy treatment caters to diverse health issues across all age groups. We believe that through a few lifestyle changes, effective counselling, and a personalised food plan, your health disorders can be successfully managed.

We offer a wider range of holistic homeopathy health plans for several health ailments.

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