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Health Total presents Nutrigenomics, a multidisciplinary science, which studies the interplay of food and genes. It is very vital to know the direct connection that exists between your DIET and your GENE. Just take a simple 2-minute Gene Test and find out the lifestyle that best suits your DNA.
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One simple TEST, many important ANSWERS

Weight Management – Struggling with Weight Loss?
Diabetes Management – Diabetes Management Panel
Detoxification Panel – Support Detoxification
Cardiac Panel – For Heart Health
ApoE – ApoE Support Panel
Lipid Metabolism – Maintain normal levels of cholesterol
Bone Health Panel – Determine activity of Vitamin D
Inflammation Panel – Mitigate risks of high levels of inflammation
Oestrogen Balance – Understand genetic constitution wrt female hormones
Methylation Panel – Vitamin B Metabolism and & health
Lactose Intolerance – Is milk causing you harm?
Gluten Intolerance – How good are grains for you?

Health Total understands that underlying genetic susceptibility, along with exposure to infectious agents, toxic chemicals and the stress of lifestyle all contribute to complex health issues.

Hence, our Integrated Approach combines the power of Nutrigenomics, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Nutrition to combat weight and allied health issues.

Health Total is the only organization, perhaps in the entire world, which combines the age-old science of Ayurveda, therapeutic and healing power of Nutrition, alternative medicinal system of Homeopathy, and the emerging science of Nutrigenomics to offer a personalised and individualised approach to health problems for our clients in India and abroad.

Health Total has been an integral part of the country’s booming wellness sector since 1997 and has expanded to becoming the only Indian wellness and nutrition company to have over 60 centres across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Indore & Nasik. Each component of the Nutrition & Health Management Program has also progressed, generating a satisfied client base of over 5 lakh people, thus making us one of the leading healthcare and weight management companies in India.