All About Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics is your ‘eyes inside your body.’ It is a test that looks at the relationship between genes you were born with, the food you eat and your health. It tells us how different foods may interact with your genes to increase or decrease the risk of common chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke and also some lifestyle diseases like hairfall and some skin conditions.

Anyone can have this test done – whether they currently have disease symptoms or not.

Working Professionals

If acing your workplace performance is your top priority, making intelligent food choices is indispensable. Food is your fuel and junk food will not help.

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Sports Enthusiasts

Struggling with your training and performance?
All those diet fixes and changes not giving you the desired results?

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Homemakers (Women)

It’s time to listen to what your genes are saying. Nutrigenomics show that ‘one size does not fit all’ and neither does diet or lifestyle requirement. What suits one woman may not help you!

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Children & Teenager

Now you don’t need to leave it to fate and the stars. Your child’s future is in their DNA!

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Our elders make our future possible and we owe them more opportunities to be happy and get the most out of life! Improving their quality of life is easier when you know exactly…

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Nutrigenomics involves detailed testing of your genes and provides comprehensive gene-based diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations through a detailed report.

The testing is simple:

No blood. No needles!

Using this report, Health Total doctors and nutritionists will give you comprehensive counselling and give you a personalized, fine-tuned dietary plan, and lifestyle recommendations.

Health Screening

  • Detailed Screening
  • Personalised Counselling
  • Generation of wellness Road map

Genetic Analysis

  • Saliva sample collection
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Genetic Report Generation
  • Expert inputs

Wellness Action Plan

  • Detailed Counselling
  • Personalised Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle plan
  • Monitoring of wellness score on road map
Healthy You

Nutrigenomics FAQ

Not all people respond equally to the same diet and lifestyle habits. For example, after a meal, one person’s blood sugar levels might shoot up significantly, while their friend’s blood sugars remain stable even though they had the same food and in the same quantity! Why does this happen? Because everyone is ‘wired up’ differently! And Nutrigenomics looks inside your body—into your DNA, to find out what food and lifestyle habits work best for you.
Anyone can have this test done—whether they currently have disease symptoms or not.Men, women, children Homemakers Working professionals Athletes/Sports Enthusiasts Teenagers and pre-teens ElderlyThe test is aimed at individuals who might have a predisposition to lifestyle diseases due to the presence of one or more genetic risk factors, especially in case of a family history. For a person, who doesn’t have any disease symptoms, the tests can be aptly considered as one of the most advanced ways of preventive health management.
One size does not fit all and neither does the same diet! Since everyone’s body responds differently to the same food, getting the NGM test done will help you understand what kind of a personalized nutritional plan will help you achieve your health goals and fight disease more effectively.
Avoid or improve disease outcomes Find out what ‘works’ and what does not for you. Your body is unique and so are its needs! Say bye-bye to ‘blanket dietary recommendations’ that could aggravate your health challenges or show no improvement Feel motivated to make more health-conscious food choices Avoid unnecessary vitamins and other dietary supplements that your genes show you don’t even need!
Our work starts where others stop! While you could get a gene test done at other labs, it is only at Health Total that you get the solution for what your test results show! Our doctors and nutritionists will first analyze your gene test results, explain them in detail and counsel you, then offer a robust, tailored nutritional plan to suit your unique body needs and continually help you maintain your health goals.Our Integrated Approach combines the power of Nutrigenomics with Ayurveda, homeopathy and natural nutrition to combat weight and associated health problems. We understand that underlying genetic susceptibility, along with exposure to environmental factors such as infectious agents, toxic chemicals and stress all contribute to complex health issues and our holistic approach addresses these to help you achieve your health goals.
A simple saliva sample is required for the test. The sample will be taken by our healthcare professional and sent to our Nutrigenomics laboratory for analysis. An in-depth analysis of your sample is conducted, which takes 3 to 4 weeks, post which a detailed report showing the links between your ‘diet’ and genes will be shared with you.
The Health Total NGM test analyzes your DNA to check how your body responds to the foods you consume. The test is not for diagnosing any health condition. Using the information from your gene test, Health Total doctors and nutritionists will give you a more personalized nutrition plan so that you eat only what will help you get healthy faster, improve disease outcomes and even lose weight more effectively.
The Nutrigenomics test gives you insight into the genes you were born with and what dietary chemicals can either trigger a disease, worsen an existing one, or bring about improved disease outcomes by following a recommended nutritional and lifestyle plan. So these are not ‘quick fix’ diet suggestions.The nutritional plan given to you by our doctors and nutritionists will empower you to continually make more informed dietary and lifestyle decisions on a day-to-day basis so you can lead a happy and healthier life.
Your saliva contains the cells from your mouth and these contain DNA, just like blood. However, taking a saliva sample is easier because:this method is non-invasive. So, no needles! a bigger sample is obtained easier to store over a longer period of time the sample is stabilized better without destroying the DNA
At Health Total the Nutrigenomics gene test is conducted for various common chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, PCOD, etc. as well as for specialized nutritional requirements for athletes, children and even the elderly. However, the cancer gene is still being researched due to which testing and dietary recommendations are not done at Health Total for cancer.
Our lab partneris accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and also recognized by Department of Science & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. All saliva samples are processed in labs that meet regulations Testing is done using rigorous processes Well-established scientific research goes into meticulously putting together your personalised reports
Health Total Nutrigenomics is a test that shows how different foods may interact with your genes to increase or decrease the risk of common chronic diseases and based on the findings nutritional recommendations are made. The recommendations can help you improve and manage your health condition more effectively and may help to reduce your dependence on medication. Whether the condition is cured will depend on your dietary compliance, gene disposition and other medical parameters.