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Being underweight isn’t always the healthiest. Reasons may include genetics, an underlying illness or an imbalance in nutrition. Improve your immunity and fight your deficiencies with a healthy balanced diet. Each individual is different and so is the cause. To get to the root cause and to get a customised solution specific to your requirements, consult our health experts. You can call our toll-free number 1800-266-8232.

How can Health Total help you?

Losing weight isn't about slimming down, but about feeling healthy and beautiful inside out. Health Total believes that good nutrition has a powerful impact on one's health and is the number one holistic medicine tool.

Our nutritional therapy is based on a unique, scientific 4-step process that works with the natural body cycle. It not only helps you shed those extra kilos but also improves disease outcome. After a complete assessment of your current state of health, our expert dosctors and nutritionists will formulate a personalized weight loss diet plan just for you.