Why work with Health Total?

  • AMHT is a 3 decade old name in the Health & Wellness industry, with the founder being closely associated with Femina Miss India as the Official Dietician and Nutritionist and various other prestigious associations in her career span. We are the leaders in providing wellness and nutrition advice and health plans to our clients with the use of cutting edge technology along with the use of Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Nutrigenomics. We are a 53 center strong establishment with our areas of operation including the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune and E-com network with an outreach domestically and globally. We have a workforce of 518 employees who are a mix of the best Doctors, Nutritionists, Sales staff, Corporate staff, etc.
  • The Cluster Head is responsible for all the centers in a single city that report to her/ him. Each Cluster Head is given 4 or 5 centers in their city to manage, as decided by the City Head and Management.
  • The Cluster Head is required to visit the centers under her/ him to check on the activities at the center, address complaints/ grievances of the staff and manage overall smooth running of activities at the centers reporting to them.
  • The Cluster Head reports to the City Head, who reports to the Management.
  • It is required by her/ him to monitor daily, weekly, monthly activities at various centers and submit bi-weekly updates (after discussion with the City Head) to the management regarding their sales numbers achieved, against the targets set by the management, in consultation with the City Heads and Cluster Heads at the start of every month.
  • It is required by her/ him to notify the City Head (or take care themselves in the absence of a City Head) of any recruitment vacancies, staffing requirements, admin related issues, stock and inventory requirements, client servicing, updation of ERP and other links in co-ordination with the concerned teams, after appropriate approvals from their Reporting Authorities.
  • They are required to be passionate, strong headed, focussed individuals with a flair for team management and sales.

Roles And Responsibilities:

-Responsible for Business deliverables:

  • The Cluster Head is responsible for creation of P&Ls for their respective centers under them.
  • The Cluster Head for each city is responsible for delivering Sales and Customer Acquisition numbers as specified by the management from time to time
  • The Cluster Head for each city is responsible for monitoring the delivery of excellent customer service at each centre under them and following up with clients for end to end after sales service
  • The Cluster Head of each city is responsible for delivering Business Metrics in line with the Corporate strategy at AMHT

-Planning & Implementation:

  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for sales generation, building a new customer base and ensuring successful implementation of sales & Customer Acquisition Strategy.
  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for regional marketing activities & building local media relations (in partnership with Digital Marketing),
  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for operations at each center reporting to them & customer experience across all touch-points at these centers.

-Strengthening Business Operations of the Region:

  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for leading, managing and taking full accountability of all operational activities of Centres that report directly to them.
  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for regular Training, re-training & Certification for Excellence to ensure better Customer Care / Medical / Operational Efficiencies.
  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for working in coordination with the City Head/ Doctors/ Nutritionists/ Center Managers for delivering excellent Customer experience & medical results/ quality.
  • Each Cluster Head is responsible for creating a supportive, exciting & enriching professional environment for all employees who report to her/ him directly.

-Salary & Benefits:

  • Commensurate with industry standards. Decided by the management on the basis of qualifications and skills possessed by candidate. Eligible for Fixed component and Incentives (as per the structure decided by AMHT).


-Employment type:

  • Contractual


  • Contract drawn for 1 year. Subject to revision every year at the discretion of the Management.