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At Health Total, we firmly believe that nutrition is a POWER, which DETOXIFIES, ENERGIZES, and REJUVINATES our body and helps us achieve a state of BALANCE. It is becoming increasingly clear that specific food has specific healing properties and can be used in the prevention of certain health issues. The line between food and drugs in managing certain conditions is fading. Health Total’s nutritional plans include nutrient dense food, rich in minerals and vitamins. We detoxify your body through our nutritional plans and prepare it for achieving a state of balance where your body is said to be disease free.

Food and Herbs

Health Total factors a comprehensive nutritional plan into its weight loss and health plans. Just as in medicine you have antidepressants, tranquilizers, and stimulants, in alternative medicine, you have specific food and herbs that can alter your mood and ability to think, a lot more safely compared with other medicines.
For instance:

The herb ‘St. John’s wort’ is being extensively used in Germany as the choice of treatment for depression.
Chamomile tea, which is known to induce relaxation, is also used as a tranquilizer because of its ability to promote sound sleep.
Caffeine, a well-known stimulant, is used to help keep you alert and focused (restrict it to two cups a day).
Beetroot’s juice is a potent liver cleanser.
Radish is an excellent remedy for thinning down mucous clearing sinuses, blocked nose, and mucous related migraine.
Fibrous fruits such as oranges and papaya possess cleansing capabilities apart from providing our body with all the necessary vitamins.

To manage numerous minor health issues such as headache, sore throat, or indigestion, we have effective and highly healthy alternatives such as herbs. Similarly, herbs possess capabilities to help us manage weight loss effectively along with many other health issues such as cholesterol, diabetes, acidity, indigestion, and high blood pressure. Therefore, Health Total factors in herbs into all its weight loss and health plans.

Historically, herbal remedies have always been popular globally since centuries. However, in the past few decades, they have gained increasing popularity due to their ‘natural healing’ properties. Herbs essentially include the whole plant or its extract which, in effect, proves more beneficial. Moreover, herbal remedies work successfully upon the origin of the health issue.

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