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I honestly never thought I would take up a detox program, but I did it because I wanted to free myself of all the junk food that I’ve been continuously feeding my body with. It was a 10-day detox kit, which included diet chart, recipes, some health foods, juices, and herbs and supplements. I’m going to tell you about my day-by-day experience. Here’s what happened…
Day 1:
For someone who is not used to waking up early, it’s really tough to follow any diet plan to the T. I missed my breakfast and started following the diet chart only post mid-morning. I couldn’t stick to the timings, but I made sure to eat what was mentioned in the diet chart. I promised myself to do better the next day.

Day 2:
I woke up on time! Wow, it felt as if I’ve accomplished something great! But, on a serious note, it felt good and fresh. I kept the lunch and dinner ready so that I could eat on time, considering it was a hectic day at work. All went as per the plan. I finished all the tasks at work, yet didn’t feel lethargic. I felt hungry in-between meals, but stuck to the chart.
Day 3:
Slowly, I was getting used to the plan. I also got a call from Anjali Mukerjee’s expert team, just to check if there was any trouble sticking to the plan. They didn’t suggest any change in the diet plan, just asked some basic questions. There wasn’t anything to worry about.
One week into the plan…
My skin looked great with the acne marks gone & dark circles slowly fading. I lost some weight as well… not sure how much, but I felt light. I was happy and proud that I was into the program completely! I started liking what I was eating every day. The bad habit of binge eating was gone.

But wait, there’s more to this detox –
The plan not only helped me changed my eating and sleeping habits, but it also limited my social media time, checking of emails in the bed and encouraged me to do fun stuff, go for long walks, do yoga and meditation, etc.
On the 10th day…
I felt clean, free of toxins. The tiredness was gone, so was fatigue and craving for junk food. Today if anyone asks how my experience was like, I’ll say there is no going back to those bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. My stomach is feeling much lighter than before. My mind keeps telling me that I need to shut down early because I have to wake up early.
I think I’m going to keep doing this detox once in 3-4 months and never go back to the old version of myself. I’m loving this NEW ME ? Post the program and till the time I get on it again, my goal is to stay active and strive to improve my quality of life. That’s because I now know how detox can be immensely helpful.

– Sneha Shah, 25, MBA student

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February 28, 2019

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