Detox Diet plan to Detox Your Body

I tried the 10-day detox box, from Health Total, and the experience was worth recording.
Having tried detoxing a few times on my own, I had some experience of what the same can be like. An average day for me involves travelling in the heavy Mumbai traffic, working hard, and of course, partying hard. This involves a lot of smoke, pollution, drinking & stress. So, a detox is a welcome change for my body.
I started my detox journey on February 15. I placed the order for the Detox Box by Anjali Mukerjee on 12th February. The next day I got a call from their health expert to understand my medical condition, lifestyle, eating habits and cooking arrangements. She said it’s to help her prescribe a detox routine tailored made for me.
On the 14th of Feb I received my detox kit. It contained Himalayan Rock Salt, Special flour, Aloe Vera & Amla Juices, a packet of Red Rice, a box of ready to cook Tomato Soups, & Cviti Drops, a natural sweetener as my health expert had explained. The drops help replace sugar, which I now understand does a lot of terrible things inside our bodies.

The kit also contained a standard 10-day detox diet plan, my diet was customised as per my food preparation facility at home. I was unable to follow the plan on the first day itself, so I decided to start it in full swing the next day.
I was enjoying the change in my eating and the immediate feeling of being healthier for the first 5-7 days. I was feeling fresher than usual after drinking the healthy juices in the morning before work.
The special flour made my roti taste fuller with flavour and different from the normal chappati I consumed. The red rice tasted quite good and made me feel like I was getting healthier immediately post its consumption. It is a bowl of magical rice!
I used Cviti drops for sweetening my tea and coffee. My day would end with 1 bowl of the tomato soup. Yeah, one bowl was enough to keep me full. Also, it helped me get some good and relaxing sleep.

With the tomato soup at night and juice in the morning, my days would start with a boost of fresh energy. I felt I began performing better in my daily activities. I became more resistant to the stresses of the daily demands at my workplace.
This was very important for me, and as explained to me by my health expert, was due to their carefully designed diet plan that would encourage a balanced detox.
Having experienced a lot of different detox methods I can tell you most detox options are quite out of balance. They would get you to flood your system with detoxifying foods, & others would ask for more restraint from food items & preparations that promote toxins within the body.

– Abhinav Sharma, 30, Marketing Executive

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March 2, 2019

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