The exact cause of lichen planus is unknown. However, the condition isn’t infectious neither does it run in the family. Therefore, it can neither be inherited nor can it be passed on to other people. The exact causes which cause this skin disorder are unknown, however there are a number of other factors which can contribute to the onset of lichen planus. They are as follows:

Autoimmune reaction

Our immunity system produces antibodies to help protect us against illnesses and diseases. However, due to an abnormal immunity system response, usually to medicines, the immunity system becomes overactive and starts producing excess antibodies which inflames the skin.

Reaction to medications

Our body can often react negatively to certain medications or chemicals, resulting in an allergic reaction such as rashes. Medicines which relive stress, medicines for the heart, anti-inflammatory medications and injections for arthritis, are generally more prone to cause an allergic reaction. However, once you stop consuming the particular medication the rashes will stop appearing.

Substance exposure

Research tells us that the exposure to chemicals, used for the colour development of photographs, are likely to trigger lichen planus. Therefore, it would be best to avoid them if you are already suffering from the disease.

Mercury fillings

Mercury fillings in the teeth can cause an allergic reaction leading to the onset of lichen planus, which can appear as ulcers or sore inside the mouth, which are usually painful as well. Therefore, it would be best to replace the mercury fillings with another metal filling to subside allergies.

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