Oily Food Is the Major Cause of Heartburn

Oily foods should be avoided since fried stuff triggers heartburn. Any high-fat milkshakes, cheese generously spread on bread, fried rice and biryanis should be avoided as well. Such foods delay gastric emptying as a result of which they stay longer in the stomach than low-fat foods. This results in them flowing up into the esophagus, which causes heartburn.

Raw onions are known to aggravate the problem and if suffering from this malady, raw onions should be avoided. Citrus fruits, as well as tomatoes, are known to irritate the food pipe which sets off a burning sensation and this is the reason why many people feel uneasy if they gulp down a fresh juice or tomato juice. Garam masala, a must in many recipes, should be avoided by acidity patients.

Alcohol allows the acids in your stomach to be pushed upwards by relaxing the esophageal orifice. It is advised that we all try our best to stay away from a drink just before going to bed. White bread causes gas bloating and constipation as it contains maida and this triggers heartburn. For those suffering from heartburn, chocolates are a definite no.

August 30, 2016

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