Everybody sweats, it’s only natural, but then why do some people stink? Most people wonder why they suffer from body odour despite maintaining utmost hygiene and bathing several times a day. In reality, sweat doesn’t smell. Tight clothing and humidity slow down evaporation and the sweat mixes with the bacteria thriving on the skin resulting in an offending odour. Moreover, nutritional shortages make metabolic procedures less efficient. The body is then unable to detoxify effectively and the by-products develop a strong body odour.
Cigarettes can give rise to smoker’s breath, which can be quite offensive. Even too much of alcohol can make you stink the next day. The obvious solution is to avoid smoking and drinking or keeping a tab on the amount you smoke or drink. Yet another reason behind persistent body odour could be certain types of foods in your diet. Garlic, fish, methi leaves, onions, and strong curry flavors are some of the culprits that lead to bad body odour. Avoid or limit such foods from your diet.
You can fight your body odour through simple natural methods. Magnesium or zinc deficiency, diabetes, liver disease, or chronic constipation can give rise to body odour. It is not certain how zinc and magnesium supplements help eliminate body odour but they work. Therefore, incorporate magnesium into your daily diet to fight body odour. Natural dietary sources of magnesium are almonds, soybeans, leafy vegetables, oats (jav in Marathi), and wheat germ. Moreover, doctors recommend their patients to take zinc supplements (30 mg). Zinc can also be naturally found in eggs, lamb, chicken, wheat, soybeans, corn, sesame seeds, and wheat germ.

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August 31, 2016

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