High cholesterol generally does not have any particular symptoms. In most cases, the occurrence of emergency events such as a heart attack or stroke might be the only true symptom of high cholesterol, which might have accumulated over time. High cholesterol leads to the formation of plaque in our arteries and that is typically when heart attacks or strokes occur. In a state of high cholesterol, plaque tends to narrow our arteries, allowing less blood to pass through. Plaque formation changes the fundamental make up of our arterial lining, which could lead to serious complications.
A blood test is the only way to know whether our cholesterol levels are high. Further, in case of family history of high cholesterol, heavy smoking, have high blood pressure, or an overweight condition, it is better to get the cholesterol levels tested periodically.
The risk of having high cholesterol increases if you are addicted to smoking. Also, if you are obese and you do not exercise, then you can have high cholesterol. A poor diet and diabetes are other risk factors that can increase the cholesterol level. There are certain natural remedies that you can opt for to manage your high cholesterol problem.

August 30, 2016

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