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Soya, The Wonder Bean

Soya, The Wonder Bean

This Japanese secret to a longer life also has awesome cholesterol lowering properties. Unlike most protein foods, which are acidic in nature, soybean is alkaline.

Benefits of Soyabean

Here are some of the therapeutic benefits of soybean. As the therapeutic benefits of soybean are gaining popularity, more and more health professionals are recommending it. However, Indian taste buds just can’t adapt to its taste in the natural form. Some prefer Soya products available in the form of chunks or nuggets.

Soya products in the form of high protein Soya biscuits are available in most leading departmental stores. This could be a healthy snack option for kids and adults providing them with the vital nutrient requirement.

How Much Soya to Eat?

In order to get maximum benefits from it, one has to consume around 70-80 gm of soybeans daily. You can take soya in the form of Soya-biscuits, Soya-flour, Soya nuts, or the beans cooked like a regular pulse or tofu in vegetables and soups. Packed with calcium and iron, it is known to be extremely potent in treating anaemia.

Therefore, in order to manage your cholesterol levels better, ensure that you add this magical bean ‘soya’ into your daily diet plan. It would provide you with amazing results.

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