The person, who does it, is too ashamed to admit, whereas other people around him are totally disgusted and wonder who has done it. It is that embarrassing feeling that no one would want to be put through especially in public. Usually symptoms of flatulence are painless, but sometimes it causes stomach cramps.
Although flatulence seems to be unnatural and unnecessary, it is actually quite a normal part of existence. Thus, while it is normal for one to flatulate, too much flatulence can cause abdominal discomfort. A normal healthy person flatulates an average of 14 times daily. About half of this gas is swallowed air. The remaining is a by-product of fermentation of stomach contents done by intestinal microbes. This half is responsible for the offensive odour. The best way to control flatulence is to watch what you eat. Usually, the gas is expelled out, within 5 to 7 hours of eating flatulence-causing food. The most common symptoms associated with flatulence are abdominal discomfort and pain. In severe cases there can be belching and gurgling noises in the abdomen.

August 30, 2016

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