Green tea is particularly rich in polyphenols.  These are active agents against cancer, heart disease.  They protect the body against stress.  It would be worthwhile to switch to drinking green tea instead of regular black tea as black tea loses some of its antioxidant properties due to fermentation.
Chamomile Tea is herbal tea that helps bring about relaxation and promotes sound sleep. If you find that your life has been a bit hectic and you find yourself all knotted up like a bundle of nerves, you can take a cup of chamomile tea to put yourself at ease. Due to its ability to induce relaxation, it may help to reduce the effects of stress.  However, some people are known to be allergic to this herb. So use it with caution. If you experience nausea, vomiting or diarrhea then stop using it. Chamomile tea should be best taken at bed time.  About 1-2 cups in the night are sufficient to wash away the day’s stress and induce sleep. Buy Chamomile Tea Online here.
Meditation helps combat stress by allowing the mind to accumulate energy in silence.  When we stop our mental chattering we can become more centered and generate a lot of positive energy. Pranayama that is simple breathing exercises and yoga have been proved very beneficial in combating all forms of stress. Pranayama helps to promote controlled breathing and brings about balance in the body. These simple solutions and suggestions have been successfully prescribed to many of my patients over a span of two decades.

August 30, 2016

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