Good health is all about striking the perfect balance between our body, mind and soul. The imbalance at any level could lead to a health issue. Our digestive system is extremely vital for our optimal health and general well-being.

What is Digestion

Digestion is ‘agni – the digestive fire’ that converts the food that we consume into energy. It’s a process that provides nutrition to our body and mind. Moreover, digestion removes the body wastes through the process of defecation. We need to remember that our health is dependent largely on the process of digestion. We can only dream of good health if our digestive system works well, else it would become a tough process.

Fully-digested Food

Fully-digested food acts like nectar whereas undigested food could act like poison. Moreover, the undigested food is not absorbed easily by our body and remains in a stagnant state in our body producing an acidic medium. This is precisely what causes the food to act like poison.

Choice of Food & Digestion

Digestion is a magical process where if we eat an orange it becomes a part of our body. Now, whether the orange was hot or cold, acidic or basic, sweet or bitter, the body still has to transform it into energy. Our choice of food plays a pivotal role in maintaining our health.

Key Points about Digestion

  • Digestion is healing
  • Digestion takes work
  • Gas may be the first sign of weak digestion
  • We get our energy from what we EAT and not from what we THROW OUT
June 15, 2016

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