Diet to increase immunity during pandemic

Let me begin by saying that I am with you and I understand your pain and anxiety. This coronavirus has the potential to infect hundreds of people within a very short period. So, the need of the hour is to protect yourselves in every possible way. While we have begun washing our hands, using sanitisers, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, most people are forgetting their immune system. More emphasis needs to be placed on building our immunity.

The right nutrition

How many of us today, wake up in the morning and think about what we are going to choose to eat in order to build our immunity to support our bodies fighting against disease capacity? May be only a few. Most of us are thinking about how to stock up our kitchen or fill up on masks and sanitisers.Here’s what I suggest people stock up on when it comes to eating right.

Eat protective foods like amla juice, haldi juice, tulsi juice and – avoid depleted food (with low nutrient content such as biscuits, cakes, deserts, anything made from white flour (maida) like noodles, roomali roti, naan, white bread, packaged cereals, white sugar etc)

Increase your protein intake in the form of whole dals, fish, eggs, chicken, paneer, etc.
Eat more cooked vegetables.
Avoid eating out.

Eat freshly cooked food as it has more nutrients

Foods like amla, citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lime, are rich in Vitamin C and have tremendous immune boosting properties

Ayurvedic herbs are very helpful in strengthening our immune system

Homeopathic medicines also provide great support to our immune system

It is important to follow an integrated approach to boost our immunity — the one that uses Ayurveda, homeopathy, nutrition and vitamin and minerals, supplements and functional foods.

There is no doubt that healthy eating habits, lead to healthy lifestyles which increases immunity to fight various illnesses and infections. However, there still would be some disease and infections, which would keep striking us, once in a while, regardless of how well we plan our meal options. Whilst nutrition cannot eliminate the chances of contracting infection, it would certainly be helpful in strengthening our immune system and lessening the duration and severity of most infections.
(As published in Hindustan Times dated March 23, 2020)

March 23, 2020

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