Knee Pain due to OverWeight

Solution to Knee Pain Due to Overweight

If you are above 45 years of age, overweight and unable to walk due to knee joint pain, the best way to defeat it, is to lose weight. However, as you grow older, the effect of wear and tear could be seen in any of your joints. This painful degenerative joint disease is also known as Osteoarthritis.

This disease develops slowly over the years. About 2 to 3% of the people may have Osteoarthritis under the age of 40 years but almost 40% of the people above the age of 50 are affected by it. Women are more likely victims after the age of 50.

Intake of supplements: New research has shown supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulphates can halt the progress of the disease. They help reduce the pain of Osteoarthritis at the cellular level.

Lose weight: Every 5kgs of excess weight increases the risk of secondary Osteoarthritis by 30%. But do not skip meals to lose weight. Instead, make gradual changes in your diet.

Take antioxidants: Consume antioxidants by having fruit or vegetable juices, and by eating salad greens, soya nuts, almonds, walnuts, among other dry fruits. To make sure if you are getting adequate antioxidants, everyone above the age of 20 must take supplements of vitamin A, C, E and the mineral selenium.

Beneficial oils: The omega –3 fats found in fish, flaxseed (alsi), green vegetables, walnuts, soyabean and other pulses helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. Vitamin E also helps fighting inflammation, relieves pain, and improves mobility.

Eating a healthy diet and taking supplements may not cure you completely but it can definitely reduce the pain and prevent further damage. What we choose to put into our bodies can either strengthen or weaken us. So, be sure to choose wisely.

(As published in Hindustan Times dated February 10, 2020)

February 10, 2020

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