pcod the new epidemic

Homeopathy for PCOD

Polycystic Ovary Disorder (PCOD) has become quite a common occurrence in today’s world. Statistics suggest that one in every ten women is likely to get diagnosed with PCOD. The scary thing is that most of the times, many women are not even aware that they have PCOD.
PCOD is a serious health disorder, which should not be ignored. It occurs when a woman experiences a hormonal imbalance, wherein the testosterone levels shoots up in the body causing an array of symptomatic reactions.
Women who suffer from PCOD are often subjected to:

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Undesirable skin and hair issues
  • Unreasonable mood swings or spurs of depression

Once you get diagnosed with PCOD, it gets difficult for your body to use this insulin, a hormone that is responsible for converting the food starch into energy and helps you to carry out day to day activities. PCOD makes your body insulin resistance, and also begins to convert this energy into body fat. It also makes fat burning difficult and slow, and this, in turn, leads to excessive, as well as sudden weight gain. This condition, if left untreated could also lead to other serious health issues, such as:

  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure levels
  • Increases the risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Women suffering from PCOD often resort to medications for irregular menstruation, clinical manifestations of hyperandrogenism, and infertility. Menstrual disturbances in those suffering from PCOD also include oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, and prolonged erratic bleeding during their menstruation period.
However, one should keep in mind that the frequent and continuous consumption of these medications could, in turn, increase your risk and chances of suffering from PCOD. Women who consume birth control pills often are at a greater risk of getting diagnosed with PCOD. The pills cause a lot of changes within the body, including an imbalance in your hormonal levels which is a leading cause behind the onset of PCOD.
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