eople who can get affected with allergic rhinitis

People Who Get Affected with Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis takes place when you develop an allergic reaction. The allergic reactions can be triggered due to various types of allergen that includes dust, pests, pollen grains, smoke or perfume. It can occur among all age groups that includes both men and women, particularly those before the age of 30. The chances of getting affected with Allergic Rhinitis increases if any one of your family member is already suffering from it. Chances are even higher if your mom is already suffering from Allergic Rhinitis.
Allergy Rhinitis could also happen if you are allergic to some kind of food. It is quite often seen that people are allergic to the skin of potatoes or apple, nuts and so forth. It is basically due to the level of protein similarity present in these foods. Since allergy rhinitis or hay fever concerns allergy to pollens, it is also important to note how a change in weather can affect the symptoms. On a hot and dry days, the amount of pollen grains in the air could be greater as compared to damp and rainy days.
People suffering from Allergic Rhinitis should take precautions to stay away from dust, wear masks and sunglasses, and wash hands at regular intervals. These precautions help you avoid any such symptoms that might trigger the allergy.

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