People who may suffer from Psoriasis

People who may suffer from Psoriasis

There is no specific category of people who can develop psoriasis, as anyone can develop this skin disorder at any point on their life. However, there are a few factors which can make one more prone and susceptible to this skin disorder, compared to others. There are as follows:

  • Adults are more likely to develop it rather than children.
  • People who have a family history of psoriasis or a family member who has suffered from the disorder.
  • People who have experienced a physical or emotional trauma in their life.
  • People who are constantly under high levels of stress.
  • People who are taking strong medications.
  • People who often consume strong and harmful unauthorised drugs.
  • People who are suffering from serious injuries or diseases.
  • People who suffer from abnormalities in their immunity system.
  • People who suffer from or are prone to skin allergies.

It is also important to note that, if one has a relative who has suffered from this skin disorder, this raises their risk of developing the disease as well because certain genes have been linked to the disease. Also, men as well as women, are both at an equal risk of developing psoriasis. This is a serious skin condition, which is often difficult to treat. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately.

September 3, 2016

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