Causes for Psoriasis

Factors and Causes for Psoriasis

We are yet to know the exact cause of psoriasis. However, it’s believed that your immune system and genes may majorly contribute to the development of this skin disorder, as the condition can be inherited. The factors which can trigger and cause for psoriasis include:
It is highly probable for an individual to develop psoriasis, if they have a family member or relative who has suffered from the same condition.
Environmental triggers                                                                                             
There are a number of internal as well as external factors which can trigger off psoriasis, causing it to become more active and thus severe in nature. They include excess stress, injuries to skin such as cuts, scrapes, bug bites or severe sunburn and infections.
Overactive immunity system
The immunity system is designed to protect our body from harmful intruders such as viruses, colds, infections etc. However, at times it can mistake healthy cells for intruders and start to attack them. During psoriasis, the immunity system becomes overactive, creates inflammation inside our body and starts to produce more cells. The excess cells are pushed to the surface of the skin quickly. It normally takes months for skin cells to cycle through the body, however due to psoriasis, this process speeds up excessively. The body is unable to shed the cells quickly enough, and this leads to the build-up of thick red patches on the skin.

September 3, 2016

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