what makes breathing difficult

What makes breathing diificult

A frequent disorder now, respiratory issues are on a rapid increase. These issues make breathing difficult and could result in severe health concerns. Respiratory disorder arises when there is a problem with your lungs. These problems could arise due to excess pollution, allergens, seasonal changes, lifestyle mismanagement and so forth.

In order, to cure your respiratory issues, it is important to determine the factors that make breathing difficult.

The most common thing that can create a trouble for your respiratory organs is winter. It is during this time, people complain of coughing, inability to breathe properly, increased asthma attacks and much more. Though winter is one of the major concerns for respiratory disorders, our experts have listed below few other factors that could also lead to this issue:

  • Exposure to tobacco smoke: The most important risk factor for your respiratory issues is cigarette smoking. The more you smoke, the greater will be your chance of getting affected with respiratory issues. People who are both active and passive smokers could suffer from such an issue.
  • People with allergies who smoke: People suffering from severe allergy issues should avoid smoking. This can aggravate the infection in the lungs and lead to serious repercussions.
  • Exposure to dust and chemicals: Those who have to bear long-term exposure to chemical fumes and dust at workplace often complain about congestion in their respiratory system which makes breathing really difficult for them.
  • Exposure to burning fuel: People, especially women are exposed to fumes from burning fuel for cooking and heating in poorly ventilated homes. This could lead to infection in your airways and if not treated might get worse.
  • Age: Respiratory issues develop gradually, so most of the time people who have grown old complain about their inability to breathe properly.
  • Genetics: Often your genes can tell you a lot of things but we fail to take notice of it. At times, people suffer from respiratory issues in spite of living a healthy life. It is due to the fact that they carry this disorder in their genes and need to be careful about their health.

Not all people who have respiratory issues would undergo such symptoms. Likewise, being surrounded by these factors doesn’t always mean that you are susceptible to respiratory issues. However, with Health Total you can keep all your health worries at bay. Our integrated homeopathy approach works at the root level to give you relief from your health issues along with the added advantage of nutrition to keep your body nourished. So make a healthy move and get in touch with out experts for all your health issues. Simply call us on 1-800-843-0206 or book your appointment  here for a FREE consultation.

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