Lifestyle and Immunity

Lifestyle And Immunity

How you treat your body defines how healthy you are. Lack of rest, exercise and sleep compromise immune function and increase your susceptibility to ailments.


Light to moderate exercises strengthens your body and keeps the illnesses away. Adequate sleep and rest are equally important. One must try and get at least eight hours of sleep (to rejuvenate ourselves). To keep one’s stress levels under check, incorporate relaxing techniques like meditation, tai chi or pranayama into your daily routine.

Eat Right

Remember that each gram of wrong food that goes into your system substitutes for one gram of immune-enhancing nutrient that you would otherwise take. Immunity building is a process; it needs to be worked upon consistently.

This information is for any person who does not want to fall sick. You have to work at your immune system just like you work on your career, sports, family and relationships. Those who apply themselves early to a disciplined lifestyle generally acquire a better immune system than those who don’t!

August 30, 2016

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