Does your stomach feel bloated all the time? Do you suffer from acidity and digestion?  After a late night, especially after drinking alcohol, do you wake up the next morning with a headache?  Do you also suffer from major sugar cravings, a low immunity?  Your tongue remains coated and you feel irritable all the time.  You come back from work you feel exhausted and to top it all, you are unable to lose weight even if you are trying very hard.  This is when you know that your body needs help.

As we go on in life doing our routine activities of working, partying, eating out, taking in large amounts of foods containing synthetic chemicals, we keep collecting toxins.  Along with processed foods we take in artificial flavourings, sweetners, artificial colours and preservatives found in diet colas, soft drinks, icecreams, chips and snack food.  These chemical toxins build up in the liver and eventually overflow into the blood stream.  The blood transports them to various organs, muscles and joints.  Thus our entire system gets `chemicalized’ or full of toxins and the body organs begin to malfunction.  The stored toxins can cause headache, joint pains, bloatedness, skin rashes, hair loss, dry skin etc.  A poor liver function can cause water retention, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unstable blood sugar levels.  Therefore, some women who eat a lot of junk food suffer from dizziness, light headedness, sugar cravings, low blood pressure, low glucose levels causing fatigue.  This in turn may lead to depression.  When everything seems to be going wrong for you and you find that you cannot control your cravings or your state of health anymore – you know that you need to look into your eating habits.

The Way to Begin

Once you’ve realised that your system is not functioning as it used to, this is what you should do.


Begin your day by drinking one litre of water after waking up. Without adequate water, your cells shrink and get dehydrated. They are unable to throw out the waste matter and toxins out of the body. Drinking water helps to cleanse the kidneys, brings about diuresis, and purifies the blood. By drinking water, you can greatly reduce your chances of acquiring the disease.

Fast for one day in a week

This is applicable to only those of you who are leading a life of excesses. That means, eating restaurant food frequently, not exercising, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating fried and sugar-laden foods, keeping late nights etc. Fasting helps to give rest to the digestive system and allows the body to reserve its energies for cleansing the body of toxins and rebuilding tissues that need healing. A raw food fast comprising of fruits and vegetable juices helps in yielding high energy. Fasting helps to eliminate wastes.

Avoid getting constipated

by taking in a lot of fiber in your diet or by taking isabgol regularly. Eating papaya, prunes, spinach and wheat bran also helps in better bowel movements. There are some herbal remedies like `Triphala’ and `kayamchuran’, which help in preventing constipation. By clearing your bowels every day you will avoid the growth of unfriendly organisms in your large intestine. These unfriendly bacteria invade our bloodstream and make us seriously ill.

Eat foods that are freshly prepared

as in the case of non-vegetarian food, never reheat these foods more than once. Bacteria breed in stored and cooked meats, and when you ingest these foods, the bacteria (read toxins) enter your body and overload the immune system. If you eat such foods occasionally your body can probably handle it and throw out the toxins gradually. But if you eat non-vegetarian food in restaurants 3-4 times in a week, then you are overloading the liver with toxins and it may not be able to detoxify effectively. This will give rise to disease states in the body
Nutritional science has a powerful healing effect on the body. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

August 30, 2016

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