Here are some effective ways in which you can manage gout and keep it at bay:

The water therapy

The first and the most primary advice comes from Hippocrates- ‘Drink more water’. Yes, water plays a significant role as it dilutes the urine, which helps in expelling the uric acid crystals and preventing their formation in the blood.

Watch your waistline

People who are overweight should go on a gradual weight-loss program. Rapid weight loss is likely to precipitate gout attacks since it may increase the blood uric acid levels in the body.

Alcohol, the forbidden drink

Alcohol acts as a double-edged sword for gouty patients. Not only does it stimulate uric acid production, but it also reduces its excretion. Eliminating alcohol can help prevent the recurrence of attacks.

Know what to avoid

Avoid purine-containing foods like meat gravies, meat stocks, organ meats like liver and kidney, leafy vegetables, and mushrooms. During an acute gout attack, peas, dried beans, dals, spinach, fish, chicken, most smoked meats, sugar, white flour, and yeast products like bread, cakes, and pastries should be avoided. Researchers believe that the amount of uric acid in food is too little to cause gout. Nevertheless, it would be wise to be sparing about purine rich foods (mentioned above) to avoid gout attacks from recurring. Also, avoid using diuretics as they raise the level of uric acid in the body by interfering with its excretion.

Feast on cherries

Cherries (around 200gm a day) and strawberries are considered to be highly effective in staving off gout attacks. Certain nutrients in these fruits prevent the uric acid from crystallizing and getting deposited in the joints. Furthermore, cherries neutralize the uric acid and help prevent inflammation and pain. Therefore, eating large amounts of cherries is highly recommended if you are prone to gout.

August 26, 2016

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