Four effective home remedies to help prevent menopause symptoms:

Soy for hot flashes & night sweats

Soy has isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens (plant estrogens). Some studies have observed that soy may be effective in reducing menopausal symptoms. However, other studies have found no benefit. Only food forms of soy such as tofu and soy milk are recommended. Soy in tablet or powder form is not advised.

Flaxseeds oil (or powder) for hot flashes

Flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, which act as phytoestrogens. Results from studies have been mixed, but it may help symptoms in some women. It is also believed to help lower cholesterol. Mix one or two tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds in a glass of water. Drink it daily for a few months or until you are satisfied with the results. Avoid whole flaxseeds because it is difficult to digest.

Yoga for mood swings & sleep disruption

Exercise and meditation reduce irritability, even hot flashes in some women. Yoga combines both. Exercise also helps most people sleep better. Perform yoga at least 1-2 hours a day to treat these symptoms.

Cold drinks for hot flashes & night sweats

Cold drinks help you feel cooler. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which are diuretics that encourage dehydration. Try cold water or fruit juices with antioxidant vitamins.

A word of caution!

Before trying to diagnose yourself, you should always see a doctor, clinical herbalist, or someone of that type. Don’t ever start an herbal regimen without the advice of a professional. Therefore, for any nutritional or health advice give us a call on our toll-free number  1-800-843-0206 right away!

August 26, 2016

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