Anjali Mukerjee, expert nutritionist & dietitian, was invited to speak at the IASOWA event on Monday, 23rd September 2013
Anjali Mukerjee, is a pioneer in the field of nutrition and comes with an extensive experience of over 27 yrs. Hence it does not come as a surprise that she was the first choice for an important nutritional event arranged by IASOWA. The event which took place in Malabar Hills, Mumbai , was especially organized for the wives of all the IAS officers.
She spoke about heat signs & cold signs and also mentioned the various foods to combat such signs. According to her, foods having stimulating & sedating effects can be efficiently used to your advantage, depending upon your body’s requirement and prakriti (body type).
Anjali Mukerjee, who is known for her in depth knowledge in nutrition & food gave insights on toxic overload, obesity, diabetes & effects of disturbed mind. She gave tips on what to eat in an environment full of toxins, and insisted on increasing fruit and vegetable intake for fit and healthy body & mind. She also advised on the importance of selection of an ideal cooking oil to reduce body ailments and improve health.

According to her: “A body that is stressed, not-exercised, full of toxins enters into a phase of imbalance which is reflected by signs like constipation, bloating, increased irritability, angry thoughts etc.”
She advices detoxification to get rid of the accumulated toxins, rejuvenate & re-energize the body.
The event ended with an interesting question and answer session between Anjali Mukerjee and the audience. The interactive audience asked queries on food intake for their personal health problems.
About Anjali Mukerjee:
Anjali Mukerjee, who has been practicing nutrition for over two decades is associated with the company Anjali Mukerjee Health Total- India’s best nutraceutical company.
She has provided consultation to many reputed brands like Miss India, Femina, Brooke Bond etc. She regularly writes for fitness section in Yahoo & other publications like Tribune, Hindustan Times, Femina and the like.
She also hosts a cookery show on Food Food channel.

May 1, 2016

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