With growing consciousness about health and nutrition, a sizable increase has been observed in people seeking advice for fitness and nutrition.
However, due to their busy schedules most people do not find it viable to invest in any a full-time weight-loss program wherein one has to regularly visit clinics.
As an alternative to this leading nutrition advisory, Anjali Mukerjee Health Total, well known for providing measurable weight-loss results has been offering a comfort weightloss plan called Do@Home.
It also offers a convenient way to monitor your health in the comfort of your own home. The program is exclusively designed for those who cannot visit the health centers due to time or location constraints (other than Mumbai, Pune, Nasik).The entire set of diet plans, plant extracts, health foods and specific instructions would be delivered at your doorstep through courier.
Once the weight-loss kit is delivered to you, your progress will be monitored by doctors and nutritionists through email/phone on a weekly basis. After the entire process has been explained and one has achieved the desired result, a maintenance plan is also provided absolutely free. This plan is not only available for weight loss but can be also sought for health plans like acidity, diabetes, joint pain, cholesterol, blood pressure and many more. Both homeopathic as well as Ayurvedic forms of treatment are available through this long-distance program.

May 1, 2016

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