Management of Acid-Reflux and Hypertension

Journal: International Journal of Health Sciences & Research (www.ijhsr.org)
Author: Anjali Mukerjee
Acid reflux and acidity are common gastrointestinal disorders having great impact on a patient’s
quality of life. The drugs usually prescribed to provide promising results often mask unresolved
physiological problems and cause further complications.
The subject of this study is a 49-year-old female who presented at the Health Total centre with
hypertension along with moderate knee pain and pedal oedema associated with her history of
osteomalacia. Her medical history revealed parathyroid surgery and an aggravated acid reflux
condition. The aim of this case study is to evaluate the impact of an integrated treatment regimen that
comprises nutrition, herbs and lifestyle modifications on disease manifestation and progression.
The patient’s gastritis symptoms were rectified with the use of this ‘Integrated Approach.’ She also
showed a gradual and sustained reduction in weight and BMI, normalization of blood pressure, along
with relief from knee pain.

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March 12, 2019

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