Manage Hypertension and Obesity with Integrated Approach

Author: Anjali Mukherjee

The study involved a 75-year-old male with a clinical history of hypertension, high triglycerides, asthma, prostate
enlargement, back pain and thigh pain. He also suffered from disturbed sleep, high levels of stress and low energy
levels. This case study elucidates the benefits of the ‘Integrated approach’ in the management of hypertension
and obesity.
The ‘Integrated approach’ included patient-specific nutritional therapy, Ayurvedic herb support,
vitamin and dietary supplements, stress management and regular exercise. During the 20-week treatment, a
gradual decrease in blood pressure (BP) and consequent improvement in other conditions with the overall decrease in
the dose of allopathic medicine was observed, along with improved blood reports and energy levels. Thus,
illustrating that an integrated approach can not only help manage hypertension and obesity but also reduce drug
dosage and improve quality of life significantly.

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December 4, 2018

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