Hyperlipidemia Management

Journal: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations
Author: Anjali Mukherjee
Abstract: Childhood obesity not only increases the risk of obesity in adulthood, but is also a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes later in life. The subject of this case study was a 28-year old obese male who presented with a history of childhood obesity and cardiovascular risk factors (elevated homocysteine and TC/HDL ratio). He also had symptoms of acidity, flatulence, constipation with bleeding piles and complained of low immunity, low energy levels along with stress. The purpose of this case study was to determine the effect of an Integrated Approach, that included a healthy food plan, ayurvedic herb support, vitamins and dietary supplements, stress management and regular exercise programme, on the management of the patient’s health complaints. This treatment regimen also helped ameliorate his gastric complaints, lower his blood cholesterol, improve immunity, increase his energy levels and helped him lose weight significantly.

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March 12, 2019

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