Obesity Management by Integrated Approach

Author: Anjali Mukherjee

International Journal of Life Sciences Research
A healthy diet and lifestyle modifications are paramount for weight management in obese individuals. The purpose of this case study was to determine the effect of an Integrated Approach, that includes diet and lifestyle modifications, on the body weight of a morbidly obese individual. The subject of this case study was a 34-year old man who presented with 43% body fat and a BMI of 47.1 kg/m2.
Upon reviewing the case history, the doctor decided to treat the subject for a period of 9 months using the Integrated Approach that included nutritional therapy, ayurvedic herb support, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, regular exercise and lifestyle modifications. Modifications to lifestyle and food plan were made by the nutritionist following each weekly visit based on the subject’s progress. With the Integrated Approach the patient managed an 18% reduction in his body fat, in addition to experiencing relief from acidity and constipation. His weight reduced from 137.2 kg to 67.5 kg in 1 year and 9 months.

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November 29, 2018

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