5 Changes in Your Body During Pregnancy

The joy of pregnancy for a woman is beyond expression. However, it is not just the joy that pregnancy gives a woman that is important, there are other key factors that you need to know. You need to pay attention to the health and body concerns that pregnancy brings into your life.  Here are 5 health and bodily changes caused by pregnancy.

A big belly

The most prominent feature of pregnancy is, of course, your big belly, which keeps expanding the size of your baby. Shrinking that belly size is the most difficult task but with an effective weight loss diet plan and physical activities it can be achieved.

Hair Loss

Thinning of your hair is a commonly seen during pregnancy. You will notice hair loss due to unexplained reasons, but do not worry because it is only temporary.

Shoe Size

Swollen feet become the biggest woes of this pregnancy journey. As your body gains weight there is a lot of pressure on the feet, which tend to get swollen and often pain,

Emotional Symptoms

Pregnancy brings too many moods. Sometimes you are happy, and sometimes you are sad. These mood swings are commonly associated with pregnancy and can keep changing from time to time.

Uncontrollable cravings

These uncontrollable cravings during pregnancy are also one of the reasons for unwanted weight gain during pregnancy. From sweet to savouries, your body asks for it and you simply can’t resist it.

August 22, 2016

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