10 Common Reasons Why Are You Not Losing Weight

Have you lost a few kilos initially with the right weight reduction efforts, however, your weight loss has reached a plateau and prevented you from achieving the desired number on the weighing scale? Do spending hours in the gym and dieting for weight loss fail to get you in shape? It’s time to rethink and work on your weight loss strategy. Losing weight is not as easy as it appears to be. It calls for a lot of patience and correct dietary and lifestyle habits to achieve your fitness goals. Even though you might be following a gym diet plan for weight loss for males or females, there prevail various factors that influence your weight loss journey. The guidance of certified dieticians can help you identify the factors or habits that are preventing you from having trimmed waistlines. So, you might be curious to learn what pulls you back from getting in shape, aren’t you? Check out this list of common reasons that explain why you fail to lose weight despite following a fat loss diet plan for males.

10 Common Reasons That Explain Why You Fail to Lose Weight:

  1. Not Limiting Portion Size:

If you are unable to lose weight despite eating a low-fat diet for weight loss, it’s time to check your portion size. While having only three meals daily with increased portion size, you actually are consuming equivalent to six or greater meals of the standard portion size. So, you need to check that although what you are eating is healthy, you need to consume it in moderation. A large portion size ends you up eating excess food that causes weight gain ultimately and prevents you from losing weight. Also, certain healthy foods, such as pumpkin seeds, can prevent you from losing weight when consumed in large quantities due to their high-calorie content. Seeds and nuts are anytime healthy as compared to crisp snacks and junk food. So, you should continue eating seeds and nuts but in moderation.

  1. Skipping Breakfast:

Breakfast is a crucial part of your diet and the first meal of the day. It helps restore nutrients and fuel burnt through the long hours of the night. Breakfast charges you up for the hectic day ahead. Additionally, a healthy breakfast helps regulate your appetite and prevents you from feeling fatigued. Also, it prevents you from overeating during lunch. This hearty meal helps you maintain healthy levels of blood sugar, have low saturated fat, and reduce cholesterol. Having a healthy breakfast while following a fat loss diet plan for males or females also helps boost your metabolism and enables you to achieve desired weight loss goals.

  1. Sleep Deprivation:

Following an exercise routine and diet plans for weight loss but cutting back on sleep may deprive you of obtaining the full benefits of your weight loss efforts and prevent you from losing weight. Sleep deprivation slows down your metabolism and increases your appetite. A lack of sleep leads to an increase in ghrelin, which is a hormone that triggers your appetite, and a reduction in leptin, which stimulates fullness. You may end up giving in to your cravings and gaining weight.

Also, sleep promotes recovery from daily life stress and exercise and helps improve your energy. Stress is another factor that has a negative role in weight loss. When you are stressed, you experience an increase in cortisol, which increases your appetite. So, you need to get enough sleep to keep stress away. While following a belly fat loss diet plan for males (Title: Fat Loss Diet Plan for Male) or females, be sure you enjoy around 8 hours of continuous sleep daily to regulate your appetite, minimize your stress, and enjoy sustainable weight loss outcomes.

  1. Eating Less but Not Healthy:

While you might have opted for fasting schedules or reduced your food intake to burn excess calories but preferred eating junk and processed foods or frozen meals over a healthy diet, you are bound to find it difficult to lose weight. Although you need to burn calories when struggling to reduce weight, you need to ensure that you eat healthy food and not satisfy your appetite by savouring oily, fried, processed, or junk food. These unhealthy food options are bound to adversely affect your weight loss efforts and health. Junk and processed foods deprive your body of essential nutrients, and this might lower your immunity. So, when working hard to trim your waistlines, consult a certified dietician for a customised diet for weight loss for males or females to fuel your body with all essential nutrients and enjoy a healthy, sustainable weight loss.

  1. Drinking Sugar:

While you may have reduced or stopped eating sweets or sugary foods, you might not be aware that sugary fluids can increase calories in your body and prevent you from losing weight. So, you need to reduce or curb drinking sugary fluids. Enjoying a coffee at work or having a few alcoholic drinks on the weekend is sure to top you up with excess calories. Also, having carbonated drinks is bound to hamper your weight loss efforts. Although the main culprit for boosting calories in your body is alcohol, you should also know that fruit juices, soft drinks, several hot beverages, and smoothies contribute to a significant increase in the number of calories in your body. So, when following a gym diet plan for weight loss for males or females, make sure that you substitute sugary beverages with no-sugar or low-calorie fluids. The guidance of a certified nutritionist can prove helpful.

  1. Prevailing Medical Conditions:

If you already have a medical condition, such as PCOS, hormonal imbalance, or thyroid disorder, it may make your weight loss challenging. Such health conditions cause weight gain and prevent you from shedding those undesirable kilos. Also, hidden food intolerances or allergies may make it difficult for you to lose weight. If you are having any medications for your prevailing health condition, these drugs might also be responsible for weight gain and prevent you from getting in shape. So, being entirely healthy and not having any hidden food intolerance, allergy, or underlying illness can be a major factor contributing to successful weight loss and overall good health.

  1. Doing the Same Set of Workouts without Proper Variations:

You may not get the most out of your workouts if you are doing the same type of workouts daily. Increasing the intensity of your workouts can help improve your fitness and ability to continue your exercise routine. Also, changing the types of workouts you do regularly motivates you to keep up your workout efforts, improves your fitness levels, and promotes weight loss. You can go for a combination of weight training and cardio to trim your waistlines. Weight training helps boost your metabolism, increases muscle mass, and promotes weight loss. Combing resistance training and cardio enables you to shed those extra pounds quicker than what you would with cardio alone. So, along with a belly fat loss diet plan for males or females, go for a workout routine with a combination of a variety of exercises.

  1. Binge Eating or Overindulging in Healthy Foods:

Eating food rapidly in large quantities is called binge eating. It makes you eat excess food than what your body needs. When struggling to lose weight, if you binge on junk and highly processed foods or relatively healthy foods, such as cheese, nut butter, and dark chocolate, it might not help you get in shape. Even if you are snacking on healthy foods, devouring them in large quantities can boost the calorie count in your body. Binge eating is one of the prominent causes that prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. So, when following a gym diet plan for weight loss for males or females, avoid binge eating.

  1. Absence of Mindful Eating:

One of the most effective techniques to get in shape is mindful eating. It involves eating with no distraction, slowing down, enjoying every bite of food, and stopping when you experience natural signals that you have had enough. Mindful eating not only aids weight loss but also helps minimize binge eating frequency. Here are some helpful tips for consuming food more mindfully when following a fat loss diet plan for males.

  1. Sit down at your dining table with just your food and zero distractions. Keep your mobile phones and other distractions away.
  2. Enjoy the food you have by eating it slowly. Chew it well. Be aware of the flavours, colours, textures, and smell.
  3. When you feel that you are full, have some water and get up.

Also, avoid eating very often, as you end up having an excess calorie intake. You can practice intermittent fasting which is a healthy and effective way to lose weight. It involves a strategic, deliberate period of fasting and not continuous fasting for days. Mindful eating and intermittent fasting do not take a toll on your health. You end up eating sufficient nutritious food, so you enjoy good health while you lose weight.

  1. Inadequate Water Intake:

Water is a natural fluid that has a significant role in weight loss. Drinking sufficient water helps speed up your metabolism, burns your fat faster than usual, and curbs your cravings for fizzy beverages and sugar. Moreover, having water before your meals prevents you from overeating. Adequate intake of water daily promotes smooth and proper functioning of the digestive system and kidneys. A lack of water intake makes your body use the liver for extra support, thereby ending up storing fat instead of burning it. Thus, insufficient water intake hampers your weight loss efforts despite following a diet for weight loss for males or females. So, ensure that you have a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water daily.

If your weight loss efforts have hit a plateau and you are failing to achieve desired fitness goals, try a customised fat loss diet plan for males or females. Certified dieticians at Health Total, help you identify the exact reason for the failure of your weight loss efforts and guide you rightly to experience sustainable weight loss with an appropriate diet plan. Certified nutritionists also ensure that your personalized diet has all nutritious foods and does not have any unhealthy food options to make your weight reduction journey smooth. Also, the gym diet plan for weight loss for males or females that health experts offer helps boost your metabolism, supplies you with all essential nutrients, improves your immunity and trims your waistlines naturally and healthily. So, think no further, reach out to us at Health Total, eliminate all those hurdles that prevent you from losing weight, and resume your weight loss journey smoothly with our individualized fat loss diet plan for males and females.

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July 11, 2022

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