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5 Main Causes Leading To Obesity

5 Main Causes Leading To Obesity

When the amount of fat or sugar intake does not get used or converted into energy, it leads to an increase in weight or obesity. The area around your abdomen or belly area is the first body part to get affected. If you are wondering about the different reasons for obesity, here are the five major ones.

The Great Genes

It’s all right there in your genes. If you are from a background where obesity runs in the family, then there are high chances of your getting affected with it. Our genes have a strong effect on our health and obesity is one of the things that can be inherited through our genes.

Poor Diet

When a person is unable to get his diet under control or mismanages his diet, it leads to obesity. If you are someone who doesn’t eat at proper intervals or eats frequently then you are sure to get affected with this lifestyle disorder.

Sleep Deprived

If you are someone who loves watching late night movies or spends the night on the internet, then your health is at threat. People who sleep less or deprive themselves of sleep tend to put on weight faster and are easily susceptible to obesity.

Heavy Medicines

People who are on a high dosage of medicines or take steroids for health or other reasons can easily gain weight. These medicines contain elements that lead to obesity which is really difficult to lose.


Often when you are sad or depressed in life, you tend to binge more and more on your favourite food especially something that is sweet. This excess intake of sugar or food leads to weight gain and takes you towards obesity.

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