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Healthy Cuisines You Can Eat While Dining Out

Healthy Cuisines You Can Eat While Dining Out

Planning lunches or dinners with friends and family is great way to relax and reconnect, but the large meal portion sizes served at quite a few restaurants can affect your health.

The good news is that you can still eat healthy cuisines while dining out without consuming foods high in fat and calories. There are many healthy cuisines on the menu and, with a few alterations to your order, you should be able to enjoy your food guilt-free. This way, there won’t be a negative impact on your health. So, what to eat out when dieting? Here are four healthy cuisines for dieters how you can enjoy your favourite cuisine at restaurants and avoid weight gain!


healthy eating - dosa Try dishes baked in the tandoor oven, like chicken tikka, tandoori or shashlik that come without a sauce. Avoid creamy sauces such as chicken tikka masala, as they contain large amount of fat – 47 grams, and rich passandas (meat dish) and kormas.

Instead opt for something which is tomato-based or loaded with vegetable. Some examples are Rogan josh (lamb dish) and eat it with brown rice. Indian breads are another fat trap. Naan and roomali roti are full of refined flour, so it’s best to avoid them. Have plain rice or chapattis or plain dosas with vegetables and green salads.

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Plain rice or noodles are healthier accompaniments to Chinese food. If you’re dieting but want to eat out, dishes with vegetables, chicken and noodles are easier to digest. Go for a fine noodle, like Singapore noodles with stir-fried veggies, and a bowl of clear vegetable soup. A fresh stir-fry of fresh vegetables and meat is better. At the Chinese takeaway, the danger lies in the deep-fried foods – avoid chicken lollypops and fried Manchurian balls.


This is the most-healthy cuisine of all and is a better choice for the dieter. Thai meals are generally made up of steamed rice, fish and vegetables, and dishes are individually cooked, so they are fresher & healthier.

Thai dishes can still be laden with fat like a Thai green curry with sticky rice. So, avoid these and other curries that are coconut cream based. Coconut is often sweet and is used to enhance the flavour of the dish. It may have added sugar, so it’s best for dieters eating out to avoid this.


italian foodPasta is healthy if served with a tomato or vegetable sauce, instead of a creamy or cheesy choice. For example, an Arrabiata is a better choice than a carbonara or lasagne. Pasta filled with vegetables is a healthier option for dieters eating out. For instance, choose cannelloni with spinach and ricotta (Italian whey cheese), instead of heavy ravioli.

Italian food lovers can also eat meat dishes on the menu, as they are healthy and can be enjoyed with salads. For starters, order a healthy salad, instead of a garlic bread that oozes butter or cheese. If you’re craving for pizza, order for a thin crust with a basic topping and less cheese.

These tips are designed for the health-conscious foodies, who love to eat out, or are always looking for a variety. You can also prepare these cuisines at home if you are unable to eat healthy food out due to time constraints.

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