Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight for Women

What Is the Best Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight for Women?

Putting together the perfect combination of foods to create the best diet chart for weight loss for females can be a cumbersome task. No wonder many people struggle to create a diet plan and not all succeed in getting in shape with it. Weight loss is a personal journey, and a diet plan available for everyone may not work for you. Your success for weight loss depends on a lot of factors, and food plays a crucial role in achieving your fitness goals. You need to customize your diet based on your specific bodily needs. Consult a nutritionist and kick-start your weight loss journey with a customized Indian weight loss diet plan.

Indian diet is nutritious and flavourful, so it makes your weight loss journey smooth without taking a toll on your health. If it seems that giving up on the foods you love is what it means to be a diet, you are probably wrong, particularly if you are on the best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss. With so many Indian flavours, spices, and food items available in your kitchen, there is nothing to worry about what you relish. All you need to do is, balance your eating habits and how much you can burn. One must focus on keeping their plates full with a good mix of foods, including whole grains, beans, pulses, low-fat dairy products, & low sugar. Following simple rules, such as getting a minimum of 4-5 meals a day, can make your weight loss journey smooth. Here’s a sample plan of the Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight.

A Sample of Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight :

Note – Do not practice any diet without consulting an expert dietitian or doctor, as you may not reach your desired goal.

Early Morning Ritual :

Have a glass of warm lemon water with added honey. It is one of the essential morning rituals, as it helps boost your metabolism and charge you for the day. It is a key step in the fat loss diet plan for males as well as females.


Try to have an early breakfast packed with proteins so that you remain energetic throughout the day.
-Brown bread toast with eggs/1 bowl of cereals and nuts/ Dosa or idli with sambar or chutney
-One seasonal fruit, except for banana
-Have a cup of green tea or black coffee along.

Mid-Morning Meal:

You may have a glass of buttermilk with one fruit or green tea.


Brown rice with dal and cooked vegetable/ brown rice with paneer and grilled vegetables and any less oily gravy can be a delicious, healthy lunch. Or, a thali consisting of homemade dal, roti, vegetable, soup, raita, and garden salad can be a healthy choice when following a diet for female weight loss.

Evening Snack:

Brown bread vegetable sandwich/ 1 vegetable cutlet/ 1 bowl of fruit salad or corn salad or puffed rice or vegetable soup or low-fat yoghurt or green tea with sugar-free cookies can be a savoury yet healthy evening snack. You can also take a protein shake, nuts, seeds, and milk.


Try to have an early dinner before 8 pm. Keep it light and simple to give your digestive system sufficient rest at night. Dal, vegetable, with brown rice or roti, and vegetable soup/ chapatis with a bowl of sauteed vegetables, a bowl of gravy of your choice, vegetable dalia, and salad can be a healthy dinner.

A weight-loss diet plan is not only understanding the math behind calorie counting but also learning the working of the body and having the right foods. Expert nutritionists and dieticians can help you with a healthy diet plan for weight loss for females that will nourish you well while you attain the desired digits on the weighing scale. Want more details on what to add and avoid in an Indian diet plan to lose weight for women? Talk to the team of expert nutritionists and dietitians at Health Total to have a customized perfect slimming diet plan for you and get started with your weight loss journey.

December 4, 2021

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