Ms. Anjali Mukerjee speaks with celebrity host Shekhar Suman on Carry on Shekhar about the shallow goal of modern Indians towards getting thin.
She stresses upon the fact that one has to move away from shortcuts to achieve health results. She further suggests that instead of medicines and crash diets for weight loss, one should adapt the natural way of disciplined living to achieve that goal. It will not only help in achieving weight loss but also help in detoxification and offer other benefits too.
Anjali Mukerjee pays emphasis on healthy snacks and healthy breakfast recipes to have a nutritional start of the day along with various low calories recipes and weight loss recipes that get you to achieve the desired result in a more healthy way. Instead of going for slimming capsules and tablets.
Anjali Mukerjee advice to go for slimming soup recipes and other diet recipes. She also said that staying positive frame of mind is extremely important as toxic emotions are as harmful to the body as toxic food.

October 24, 2018

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