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15 Natural Ways To Manage Mouth Ulcers With Diet Plan

Are you experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort while eating your usual food? Is the irritation and pain in your mouth making you reluctant to eat food? Is brushing your teeth or chewing food increasing the soreness in your mouth? If you nodded along with a concern, you might have developed mouth ulcers. Several factors are responsible for the development of mouth ulcers. The deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, stress, sensitivity to foods containing acids, a response to bacteria in your mouth, and gluten intolerance can trigger the development of ulcer formations in your mouth. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to treat this painful, discomforting condition effectively and safely without any side effects. The quote – “Food is Medicine” stands true when it comes to treating mouth ulcers with dietary tips. So, if you are looking for natural ways to alleviate aphthous ulcers affecting the mucous membrane in your mouth, search no further. Read on to learn a list of ways explaining how to treat mouth ulcers fast naturally.

15 Natural Ways to Manage Mouth Ulcers With Diet

  1. Drink Cabbage Juice

The anti-inflammatory properties of fresh cabbage juice are effective in mitigating the pain in your mouth due to ulcers. Also, this nutritious fluid strengthens your stomach’s lining and heals your mouth ulcer. Being liquid, cabbage juice is easy to swallow without any discomfort. So, boil a raw cabbage, puree it, and drink its juice 3 to 4 times a day.

  1. Savour Yoghurt

Fresh natural yoghurt provides you with probiotics that help strengthen your body’s natural defences and promotes the healing of mouth ulcers faster than usual. Also, yoghurt is soft and easy to swallow; so it won’t irritate your mouth. Include a bowl of yoghurt in your meals.

  1. Consume Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are effective in reducing the heat in your body naturally. And, this is beneficial in offering relief to your mouth ulcers. All you need to do is mix some poppy seeds in sugar and eat them once daily.

  1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its natural healing effects. It has effective antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that mitigate your ulcers naturally. Also, the analgesic properties of this medicinal oil soothe your pain. So, treating your painful mouth ulcers with coconut oil can offer you great relief effortlessly. You may include coconut oil in your cooking preparations to improve your oral health. Another quick and effective way is to apply a little coconut oil on the surface of your mouth sore and let it stand. You may apply the oil on the affected area of the mouth while going to sleep at night.

  1. Chew on Cloves

The analgesic and antiseptic properties of cloves are effective in keeping your mouth ulcer clean. Also, chewing cloves promotes fast healing and eases your pain quickly. So, take a few cloves and chew them when troubled with mouth ulcers.

  1. Include Vitamin C Food Sources in Diet

The deficiency of vitamin C can make you suffer from mouth ulcers. So, include foods abundant in vitamin C in your mouth ulcers’ diet. Make sure that you don’t include acidic vitamin C food sources, such as citrus fruits, as they may aggravate your pain and irritation. Instead, add crushed soft amla, leafy green vegetables, soft slices of guava, steamed broccoli, mashed potato, and other non-acidic foods. You may also have vitamin C supplements.

  1. Add Zinc-Abundant Foods to Your Diet

Mouth ulcers can result due to a lack of mineral zinc in your body. So, adding foods rich in zinc can help manage your mouth ulcers naturally. Include soaked and steamed legumes and seeds, milk, spinach, soft, steamed brown rice, and soft whole green cereals in your diet. You may consult a certified dietician for the same.

  1. Enrich Your Diet with Iron

The deficiency of iron can lead to the development of flaky cracks in your mouth. You may develop red mouth sores. Also, iron deficiency can damage your tongue’s surface. It may lead to a sore, swollen tongue. Dark leafy vegetables, legumes, beans, and peas, that are steamed and included in your diet, can be the best mouth ulcer foods to beat iron deficiency and help you get rid of the ulcer formation in the mouth.

  1. Fill Up on Folic Acid

Low levels of folic acid in your body can cause mouth ulcers. So, increase your intake of folic acid by eating green leafy vegetables, eggs, peanuts, beans, and sunflower seeds.

  1. Use Garlic Cloves

One of the most common kitchen ingredients garlic is a natural solution to treat mouth ulcers. Allicin, a natural compound, in garlic is effective in mitigating pain and the size of mouth ulcers. You may include garlic cloves in your cooking preparations. Also, you may rub a small piece of garlic very gently on your mouth sores for three to five minutes and flush the mouth with water after 20 minutes.

  1. Incorporate Vitamin B12 Food Sources in Diet

Low levels of vitamin B12 can cause mouth ulcers along with itching and a burning sensation in the mouth. Glossitis is a condition which can lead to changes in the shape and colour of the tongue making it swell and turn red. So, add vitamin B12 food sources to your mouth ulcers’ diet. Fresh yoghurt, eggs, and milk are some vitamin B12 sources that can be the best, natural mouth ulcers foods.

  1. Go For Coconut Milk

One of the best natural solutions for mouth ulcers is coconut milk. It offers a soothing effect to the irritated, painful mouth and also alleviates the pain resulting due to ulcers. All you need to do is gargle using coconut milk three to four times a day. You may also fill your mouth with coconut milk and swish it around for about five minutes.

  1. Heal with Black Tea Compress

Another effective natural way to treat mouth ulcers is using the black tea compress. Black tea is known for its tannin content. Tannins are astringent substances that are effective in removing residue and dust. Also, using black tea promotes healing. You may apply a teabag of black tea directly on your mouth ulcers to speed up the healing process.

  1. Chew Basil Leaves

Tulsi, which is also famous as Holi Basil, has a plethora of medicinal properties. Its antibacterial properties are effective in treating mouth ulcers. Basil’s anti-bacterial effect acts as an oral disinfectant and kills germs within your mouth. You may chew four to five fresh basil leaves and drink water. This can relieve you from the discomfort of mouth ulcers.

  1. Opt for Honey

Honey has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help heal mouth ulcers. Using honey helps keep your mouth moisturized and prevents it from drying. Also, it alleviates the irritation and itching in the mouth. So, apply honey on the ulcer-affected area of your mouth after every three to four hours.

Avoid Foods That Cause Pain and Irritation

Eating certain foods while having mouth ulcers can cause pain and irritation and deteriorate your condition even further. So, you need to ensure you avoid certain foods at all costs while battling these painful ulcers. Avoid spicy and oily foods. Also, do not drink hot tea and coffee, as such hot beverages will aggravate your pain and discomfort further. Also, avoid non-vegetarian foods as they may increase acidity in your body.

Instead, eat soft, bland, and creamy foods rich in proteins. If you can eat very less when having mouth ulcers, eating high-calorie food options will supply your body with enough energy. Yoghurt, pudding, milkshakes, and cheese are some best mouth ulcer foods. You may also soak cereal in milk making it soggy and eat it.

So, if you are looking to treat your mouth ulcers naturally, resort to these dietary tips. Consulting health experts, such as certified dieticians at Health Total, can help you receive a customised mouth ulcer diet comprising the right foods that promote the healing of your ulcers naturally. Our mouth ulcer foods and diet plans not only relieve your pain and discomfort but also boost your immunity, meet your nutritional needs, and manage your weight. So, think no further, get in touch with us at Health Total, and treat your mouth ulcers naturally with our personalized diet for mouth ulcers.

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November 2, 2022