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Boost Your Bone Health With These Easy Diet Tips This World Osteoporosis Day


Bones are indispensable parts of our body. They not just form our body’s framework but also protect several vital organs, such as the brain, spine, heart, and lungs, among others. So, we need to care for the good health of our bones. To motivate masses worldwide to improve and maintain their bone health, World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated on 20th October every year. Osteoporosis is a disease of bone that reduces your bone mineral density and bone mass, thereby making your bones weak and brittle and resulting in fractures. It is also known as silent bone disease, as it progresses without you even knowing about it until you suffer from a bone fracture. The condition is a prominent cause of fractures in women and elderly individuals. So, it’s important to identify and treat the condition to prevent further complications.

World Osteoporosis Day aims at spreading awareness of this silent bone disease for osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The theme of this noted day this year 2022 is “Step Up for Bone Health” to encourage people to improve their bone health and strength by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Even though any bone may get fractured due to bone disease, the bones of the wrist, spine, vertebrae and hip are more susceptible to getting damaged. Lifelong calcium deficiency or low calcium intake, vitamin D deficiency, eating disorders, smoking, and alcohol abuse are some of the major osteoporosis causes. Fortunately, by modifying our dietary habits, we can prevent and manage bone disease naturally and effectively. Scroll down to learn all about diet to prevent osteoporosis.


10 Dietary Modifications to Improve Bone Health & Prevent or Manage Osteoporosis:

  1. Increase Calcium Intake by Adding It in Small Amounts Throughout the Day:

Calcium is a key nutrient for maintaining strong and healthy bones. As we age, our calcium absorption reduces. So, it is wise and effective to add calcium to our diet throughout the day for effective absorption of calcium than having one calcium-abundant meal daily. Consulting certified nutritionists can help you have calcium in optimum quantity by incorporating food sources, such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, beans, leafy greens, almond, and sardines into your diet.

  1. Top Up Your Body with Vitamin D:

Vitamin D supports calcium absorption. Individuals having vitamin D deficiency are at a high risk of developing a silent bone disease, such as osteoporosis of the spine, as they are at an increased risk of losing bone mass. Eggs, mushrooms, fortified cereals, and oily fish, such as tuna and trout, are some good dietary sources of vitamin D. Also, moderate exposure to fresh sunlight every morning can help in the absorption of vitamin D.

  1. Include Vitamin K in Your Diet:

Vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in minimizing calcium loss, enabling minerals to bind to the bones, and maintaining good bone health. So, enrich your diet to prevent osteoporosis with dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, blueberries, and cheese to increase vitamin K2 levels in your body.

  1. Refrain from Following a Low-Calorie Diet:

Opting for a diet which is highly deficient in calories can take a toll on your health and can be a cause of bone density loss. Going for a healthy diet containing the right calorie content by consulting a certified dietician can help you manage your weight healthily and receive the right quantities of minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are crucial for good bone health.

  1. Have More Proteins:

Proteins have a crucial role in improving and maintaining bone density and health. So, make sure that you receive a sufficient intake of proteins from your daily diet. Include dairy foods and oily fish in your diet to prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Add Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Diet:

Omega-3 fatty acids have a marked role in maintaining good bone density. So, when you are struggling to manage the initial stages of osteoporosis, include nuts, seeds, and oily fish, such as salmon, in your regular diet.

  1. Boost Your Zinc and Magnesium Levels:

Zinc promotes bone health and growth and prevents bone fractures. Magnesium aids in activating vitamin D to promote effective calcium absorption. So, both these minerals play a role in promoting bone health and density. Include nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes to ensure optimal levels of these minerals in your body.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight:

Underweight individuals are at a greater risk of developing silent bone disease. Obese and overweight individuals exert greater stress on their bones. Obesity causes altered bone cell metabolism, high oxidative stress, and changes in bone-regulating hormones that are not favourable for good bone health. So, to prevent or manage osteoporosis, ensure you have healthy body weight.

Also, stay away from rapid weight loss and avoid getting into frequent weight gain and weight loss cycles, as you lose bone density during the speedy weight loss and it’s difficult to restore it. Such rapid weight loss can lead to the development of weaker bones.

  1. Quit Smoking:

Smoking not just causes lung damage but also can lead to bone health conditions, such as osteoporosis. Tobacco contributes to the development of weak bones. It may increase your risk of bone fractures. To maintain healthy bone density, quit smoking.

  1. Avoid Substance Abuse:

Heavy drinking for a long can affect calcium absorption negatively and lead to reduced bone density and the development of osteoporosis in the later stages of life. So, to ensure good bone health, avoid or limit alcohol intake.

So, let’s pledge to care for our bones this World Osteoporosis Day and prevent the risk of silent bone disease by following the right diet and lifestyle modifications. Consulting health experts, such as nutritionists and homeopaths at Health Total, can help you receive a customized diet and homeopathy for osteoporosis to prevent or manage the condition naturally and safely without any side effects. Our diet plan for osteoporosis not just enables you to keep the bone disease at bay or treat it naturally but also helps you reduce weight, meet your nutritional needs, and boost your immunity. So, waste no time, reach out to us at Health Total, and boost your bone health with our customized diet to prevent osteoporosis.

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November 1, 2022

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