Guaranteed Weight Loss Diet Chart for Male

Guaranteed Weight Loss With A Result-Oriented Diet Plan For Males

Weight loss in males is generally faster than in females. Despite this, several men find it difficult to lose weight, reduce belly fat, and get in shape. Are you one of those who are struggling to shed extra kilos, build muscles, and prevent potential health risks of excess weight? If so, going for a diet chart for weight loss for males can help you melt away undesirable fat and enjoy sustainable weight loss effortlessly. Your dietary habits play a crucial role in weight management. So, modifying your diet and following it daily can make a difference to your weight efforts and pave your way to get in shape smoothly. Consulting certified dieticians can help you achieve your weight loss targets without compromising your health. A customised diet plan from nutritionists will also help boost your immunity and minimize the risks of potential health conditions, such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hypertension, among others. So, you might be wondering which dietary modifications can help you have a result-oriented fat loss diet plan for male that is easy to follow to get rid of all undesirable fat naturally and achieve your fitness goals, aren’t you? Discover all about the guaranteed diet plan for weight loss for males below.

Result-Oriented Weight Loss Diet Plan for Males

It is a known fact that males lose weight faster than females. One of the prominent reasons for it is greater lean muscle mass in males. The more mass a person has, the greater calories he/she burns. As males have a greater lean muscle mass than females, they burn more calories and lose weight quicker than females. A diet chart involving the right foods can help promote healthy, sustainable weight loss in men. Here’s a list of diet tips that when included in your non-veg or veg diet plan for weight loss for males can work wonders in helping you get in shape smoothly.

12 Diet Plan Measures that Guarantee Weight Loss in Males


  1. Boost Your Protein Intake

Adding more proteins to your fat loss diet chart is a simple yet effective tip for weight loss in males. It helps burn fat in your body faster and also helps you stay satiated for longer. Increasing protein in the diet helps in building muscles in males. Moreover, protein food sources support maintaining a good metabolic rate. So, include legumes, seafood, broccoli, seafood, Brussels sprouts, dairy products, and meat in your diet plan for weight loss for male.


  1. Enrich Your Diet with Iron Food Sources

Often, obese men are at a high risk of suffering from hypothyroidism, which causes sudden weight gain. Also, obese people with hypothyroidism may complain of fatigue, shortness of breath, and other discomforts that affect their quality of life. Adding iron to your diet plan can help regulate the thyroid gland and the secretion of thyroid hormone. So, to avoid or manage hypothyroidism and the consequent risk of weight gain, make sure that your diet contains iron food sources, such as leafy green vegetables, seafood, peas, dried apricots, and beans, among others.


  1. Include More Healthy Fats in your Diet

Contrary to the popular fact that fats cause weight gain, eating healthy fats is beneficial for weight loss in males. Healthy fats help you stay full for longer and minimize weight gain risks. Additionally, eating healthy fats helps prevent you from overeating or binging. So, ensure that your diet chart for weight loss for males comprises almonds, milk, olive oil, and oily fish, such as salmon and tuna.


  1. Opt for Nutritional Beverages

Instead of having cold drinks and other processed juices and beverages, prefer to have healthy nutrient-rich fluids. You may have a glass of milk daily in your breakfast. Also, you can go for green tea, herbal tea, and fresh homemade fruit juices, as these accelerate the weight loss process in your body. These healthy fluids also supply you with a good dose of nutrients and antioxidants. Men may also go for protein shakes that help promotes weight loss. Guidance from certified dieticians can help you have the right fluids in your diet chart for weight loss for males. Also, make sure that you drink an adequate quantity of water daily. Water does not contain any calories, but it helps improve metabolic rate and aids weight loss.


  1. Fill Up on Fibre

One of the effective diet tips for weight loss in males is increasing your intake of fibre food sources. Fibre absorbs water as it traverses through your digestive tract slowly and helps make you feel full. So, boosting your intake of fibre prevents you from feeling hungry often. Add nuts, legumes, whole grains, seeds, and fibre-abundant vegetables and fruits to your veg diet plan for weight loss.


  1. Choose to have Whole Grains over Refined Grains

Whole grains comprise nutrients which are beneficial for your health and also aid weight loss efforts. These unprocessed food grains contain kernel, endosperm, germ, and bran which are rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, healthy fats, and phytochemicals. On the contrary, refined grains are deprived of all these nutrients. You may end up overeating refined grains food preparations and this may put you at risk of obesity. So, it’s wise to avoid them and have whole grains. Also, a weight loss diet for men having whole grains aids in keeping your blood sugar in check and helping you stay full for longer. So, ensure that you have whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, oats, ragi, and other healthy options, in your regular diet. Avoid refined grains.


  1. Try Intermittent Fasting

Another effective dietary tip that helps men get in shape healthily without starving is intermittent fasting (IF). It involves scheduled periods of fasting and eating. So, you don’t fast long and starve while you lose weight. Consulting certified nutritionists and dieticians for guidance on intermittent fasting for weight loss in males can help you receive a customised diet chart for weight loss involving all the necessary nutritious foods and time schedules of fasting and eating. So, while you lose weight and get in shape, you enjoy enhanced immunity and improved health.


  1. Keep a Track of What and How Much You Eat

When working hard to lose weight, maintaining a record of what and how much you eat can help achieve your fitness goals. Such a food journal will prevent you from overeating, make you think twice before you are tempted to eat unhealthy food options, remind you to relish nutritious foods, and help you eat foods in the right quantities. This is quite effective in achieving weight loss targets smoothly.


  1. Eat More Green Vegetables

Fresh green vegetables are loaded with essential nutrients. When men aiming for weight loss opt to have a plant-based diet comprising green vegetables over an animal-based diet, it helps them shed those extra kilos naturally. Plant-based foods contain healthy fats that are necessary for men over 40 years for maintaining good health. Green vegetables also supply vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other crucial nutrients that nourish your body while fibre helps you stay full for longer. So, add kale, spinach, collard greens, and cabbage to your fat loss diet chart.


  1. Quit or Limit Alcohol Consumption

Men who wish to lose weight and maintain good physiques and health should avoid or restrict alcohol consumption. Alcohol affects liver health adversely and disrupts the hormonal balance. Also, the intake of alcohol causes a great rise in the calorie count that contributes to weight gain. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body and may make you crave salty foods. Heavy drinking is harmful to anyone’s health and weight management. So, while making efforts to lose weight, men should avoid or restrict alcohol intake.


  1. Cut Out Soda from Your Diet

Eliminating soda from your diet not only helps minimize the risk of weight gain but also aids in weight loss. Soda contains a lot of calories that contribute to weight gain. Although it’s packed with calories, it does not satisfy your appetite; so, you feel hungry and keep eating after having soda. Instead of soda, prefer to have some healthy food, beverage, or plain water. For instance, you may munch on some nuts or have a cup of green tea. Replacing soda in your diet chart for weight loss for males with a nutritious option can work effectively in preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss.


  1. Savour a Light Dinner

Men in their 40s and 50s having excess weight should incorporate healthy dietary modifications in their routine to get in shape. As one grows older, it is advisable to have most of your calories of the day before 3 pm. So, prefer to have a light dinner instead of heavy meals at night. Have nutritious foods in your dinner that would nourish your body and helps you feel full. This will help you feel satiated, improve your health, prevent you from overeating, and aid in weight loss.


8 Easy yet Effective Healthy Dietary and Lifestyle Tips for Men

While you follow all these diet tips when following a weight loss diet for men, incorporate some healthy habits in your routine. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Here’s a quick rundown of various healthy lifestyle and dietary habits that you should follow when attempting to get in shape.


  1. Have your breakfast daily on time. Avoid skipping your breakfast.

  2. Say no to refined carbohydrates and trans fats.

  3. Never starve yourself.

  4. Stay active. Attend your workout sessions regularly. Go for a brisk walk.

  5. Have continuous, sound sleep for 8 hours daily at night.

  6. Avoid overeating. Eat nutritious foods only when hungry.

  7. Don’t fall for junk food or processed foods that claim to be diet food or fat-free options. Eat healthy, nutritious foods.

  8. Quit smoking.


Sample Result-Oriented Weight Loss Diet Plan for Males

Here’s a sample diet chart for weight loss for males that help you achieve desired weight loss results when you follow it consistently.


30 Days Diet Plan Chart to Reduce Belly Fat
Early Morning

(at 7 am)

1 glass of warm water with some freshly extracted lemon juice mixed in it.
Breakfast (at 8 am)1 bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereals
Mid-morning snack (at 11 am) 

A handful of walnuts or almonds

Lunch (at 1 pm)2 whole wheat rotis + 1 cup of green vegetable + 1 bowl of daal OR 1 bowl of brown rice with 1 bowl of daal and a cup of green vegetable
Evening snack

(at 4 pm)

1 cup of green tea + 1 half cup of roasted mixed nuts (such as five almonds + two dates)
Dinner (at 8 pm)1 bowl of daal + 2 millet rotis + green salad


While following a well-planned diet chart for weight loss for males, make sure that you consume a minimum of ten to twelve glasses of water throughout the day daily and stay adequately hydrated. Also, have adequate rest by having eight hours of continuous, sound sleep at night for overall good health.

So, if you are struggling to get in shape and looking for easy, natural ways for weight loss for males, opt to follow a well-planned weight loss diet for men. Consulting certified dieticians and nutritionists, such as health experts at Health Total, can help you receive a customised diet chart for weight loss for males tailored to your specific fitness and weight loss needs. Our fat loss diet chart not only helps you shed those extra kilos but also nourishes you with essential nutrients, prevents or lowers potential health risks, boosts your immunity, and improves your overall health. So, be quick, get in touch with us at Health Total, and take a step forward to achieve your fitness goals with our personalized diet chart for weight loss.

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February 8, 2023