Acidity – Overview

Looking online for getting rid of acidity with home remedies? Try these easy home remedies for acidity instead. Get instant relief the natural way. While acidity is caused by certain kinds of food, other types can help alleviate the irritation and discomfort. The discomfort of acidity is caused when the stomach acids are refluxed back into the esophagus. These home remedies for acidity are safe and effective in neutralizing the ill-effects of an upset stomach. They also save you the trouble of purchasing over-the-counter pills. There are various types of food for acidity that are readily available right at home.

Foods That Help

Needless to say, most of the time oily and spicy dishes cause acidity. However, many people are also predisposed to heartburn. For home remedies for acidity, you can eat a handful of almonds and experience relief in just half an hour. Chewing on basil leaves and even a piece of gum also helps. Chewing stimulates the salivary glands secrete more saliva that washes down the refluxing acid. Apples and bananas are natural antacids and are the best food for acidity when you are feeling uneasy. Another effective home remedy for acidity is eating fifteen to twenty grapes. Grapes soothe the stomach and relieve indigestion. Consuming a clove of garlic will also help as its antibiotic properties kill the pathogens that aggravate acidity. For instant relief you can mix baking soda with water and drink it, but avoid this method if you have acidity often. The best part about these home remedies is that while helping you manage acidity effectively, they help you lose weight the natural way.

Drinking It Down

A popular, as well as effective home remedy for acidity, is drinking a cup of ice cold buttermilk. Including this in your day can reduce the recurrence of acidity. Chamomile and cinnamon tea is also known to greatly reduce effects of acidity and provide relief. Potato juice is excellent as a food for acidity. Pineapple juice, containing an enzyme called bromelain, controls the levels of hydrochloric acids in the stomach. Juices of other vegetables such as celery and cabbage are alkaline in nature. So, they also prove very potent in countering stomach acidity. Aloe Vera juice, specially prepared for consumption, acts as a natural coolant for your stomach and helps to neutralize acidic tendencies. Drinking plain water is also highly effective. We often forget the importance of water. However, simply staying sufficiently hydrated lowers the chances of stomach acids refluxing the wrong way. The best part with all these remedies is the healthy weight loss while improving your skin.

Anti-Acidic Diets

These items are highly recommended in your daily diet if you suffer from acidity recurrently. Fibrous cereals such as whole grains, oatmeal, and brown rice make excellent food for acidity. On one end, they help you fight acidity and on the other, they help you lose weight the healthy way. Fruits are generally acidic in nature, so avoid them when you have an upset stomach. Cooking meat, fish, and eggs with low oil recipes make suitable food for acidity. Instead of frying meat, you can bake, grill or broil them. You can also check for the pH level of food items before you buy them. Their pH level will tell you how acidic they are and you can choose to avoid ones with levels more than 5.0. Include turmeric and ginger in your everyday cooking. These condiments enhance digestion and reduce acid build-up. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, and processed food in your meals as these are harmful for the stomach.

Acidity – General

These suggestions do not constitute an exhaustive list. Further, some home remedies for acidity work for some people, while others are more effective for the rest. However, the components of these remedies are easily available and they are safer than their chemical counterparts. In addition to a proper diet and enough hydration, leading a stress-free lifestyle is recommended. A combination of all three results in a healthy, acidity-free stomach.

April 30, 2016

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