Causes of Acidic Blood

Today, more and more people are actively in the search for alternative methods of correcting illness and disease. A new era is dawning. The era of natural medicine. Therefore, it is important for you to know more about what causes disease states in the body and how to nip it in the bud before the disease gets chronic. Natural medicine (drugless therapy) rests on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit are intimately connected. In order to treat the physical body, the spirit and mind must also be treated in order to `get well’.

Balance Matters

Health is all about balance. When an imbalance occurs within your body, we get signs of disease. Overwork, stress and poor food choices, lead to imbalances in our physical and mental health. It makes our body tissues and blood become acidic. Over acidification of the body fluids (blood, saliva, urine) promotes disease states. It is only when the body is acidic that it becomes vulnerable to germs and disease.

Acidity, Stress & Toxins

Depending upon the level and extent of stress and toxins (through food, water and air) that you allow into your body, it maintains an acidic, alkaline or neutral state. The good news is that all the bodily systems (circulation, digestion, respiration) work towards balancing the pH of the body or its acid/base balance. However, these mechanisms break down or become inefficient if the body gets overtly acidic over an extended period of time.

Modern Lifestyle & Acidity

In this modern day and age. With little or no exercise, late nights, smoking, alcohol abuse and restaurant foods 3-4 times in a week, the body gets acidic and signs of poor health are reflected in symptoms such as skin eruptions, headaches, allergies, sinus problems, tiredness, mood swings, hair loss, dull skin, obesity.

What if bad lifestyle continues?

As things get further out of control, if you continue to lead this lifestyle, the body organs get weak, adrenal glands are affected, the liver gets toxic, thyroid function gets hampered, cholesterol counts go up, and the body begins to `slow down’ or work less efficiently, and ages prematurely. Beyond this stage, if the pH deviates too far into the acid side, oxygen carrying capacity of the blood decreases and the cells begin to die. This is when chronic disease sets in. (cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc).

Acid State is Undesirable

It is clear that an acid state undesirable! You cannot allow it or else you will be opening the doors to illness. To prevent such a state from ruining your insides, your body maintains a reserve of alkaline minerals namely calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These minerals are pulled in to raise the pH to an alkaline state and reduce the damage to the body. But with a continuous influx of toxins, even these reserves get depleted and then calcium may be leached out from the bones to maintain the acid/base balance. This leads to bone degeneration, body aches and pains, osteoporosis, joint pains, muscle cramps and inflammatory diseases.

Nutrition & Acidity

In order to avoid such acid blood, which eventually leads to disease states, one must choose to eat sensibly so that the alkaline reserves in the body are constantly replenished. The juice of most vegetables are highly alkaline in nature. Cucumber is one of the most alkalizing foods. Rich in potassium, sodium and magnesium it replenishes the much needed alkali reserve in the body. All you have to do is push 4-5 cucumber through the juicer. Add lime and black salt to taste and enjoy it cleansing effect. Similarly dudhi juice, carrot juice, mint, and coriander juice can be prepared.

Green Juices & Acidity

Green juices are more alkalizing, as they are very rich in potassium and magnesium. Wheatgrass juice has other therapeutic benefits apart from being alkaline. At this juncture, it is important to note that while these juices help restore alkalinity, it is important to make other lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, proper food intake, and regular exercise to remain in optimum health. Once you adapt to the rules of healthy living, its truly a revelation how food influences every aspect of your being – mind, body, and spirit! All you have to do is make a beginning !!

June 15, 2016

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