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How Fiber Curbs Cholesterol

How Fiber Curbs Cholesterol

One of the easiest ways to fight cholesterol is to increase the intake of soluble fibre. This can be found in abundance in plant foods, especially fresh, raw and unpeeled fruits and vegetables. Soggy, overcooked vegetables lose a lot of their fibre value.

Fibrous foods

Researchers consider pectin (found in apples) to be the best-known form of soluble fibre. Hence, apples are extremely potent in fighting cholesterol. Apart from their cholesterol lowering properties, apples are excellent for the heart, as they have practically no fat and are low in sodium. Some fibre-rich foods you should definitely include in your diet are-

  • Unrefined grains such as dahlia (broken wheat), whole-wheat flour, wheat puffs, brown rice, jowar and bajra
  • Whole dals like channa, rajma, chowli, beans and black dal
  • Wheat bran which happens to be one of the highest known fibre foods. Its fibre content is about 50%

A diet rich in fibre lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and keeps heart attacks and strokes at bay. Moreover, it has a powerful impact on the body’s metabolism of sugar and fats. A regular intake of 40-45 grams fibre a day is recommended to prevent heart disease. Fibre-rich foods are one of the best ways to curb high cholesterol levels. Therefore, you must include some of the above options in your diet.

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