When it comes to diabetes, one of the best ways to manage it is by eating right and doing moderate exercise. Listed below are some health tips for diabetics, which when incorporated in daily life will go a long way in managing the condition.

Health Tips for Diabetics

  • Increase fibre in your diet. You can do this easily by eating whole grains, whole pulses, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. You can also take one tablespoon of isabgol daily to increase your fibre intake.
  • Add some wheat bran, oat bran in your chapattis to increase fibre contents. Fibre helps to control blood sugar.
  • Most pulses have a low glycemic index, so including them is one of the best health tips for diabetics. Have a bowl of channa dal, moong dal, rajma or Kabuli channa with vegetables as a meal by itself. It helps to keep blood sugar in control. Eat frequent meals every 3-4 hours as it prevents fluctuations in your blood sugar.

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Health tips for diabeties

  • Avoid sweets and fried foods as they worsen your condition.
  • Eat some sprouts every day. They are rich in protein, calcium and nutrients that help to boost immunity and at the same time balance blood sugar.
  • Stress not only can lead to health issues, but it also lowers your immunity. It produces a hormone called cortisol which can slow down your immune system. Stress triggers free radical damage that can upset blood sugar and makes you age faster. You can control stress by using relaxation techniques like meditation, pranayama, yoga or by listening to music or taking a short holiday.

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  • Avoid refined foods like white rice, maida, dessert, soft drinks and chocolates. Take some antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and selenium. They help protect the body against early ageing.
  • Certain minerals like zinc, chromium, selenium and magnesium help to control blood sugar imbalances. Discuss this with your doctor if you are a diabetic.
  • Stop smoking as it increases clot formation which is already pronounced in diabetics.Certain herbs available in pharmacies are especially good to control diabetes. ‘Karneem’ made from karela is one such herb. A syrup made from ‘jamun’ known as “jambukasav” is another such herb which helps to control blood sugar. You may have to gradually reduce your dosage of diabetic medication after consuming these.  However, check with your physician before doing so.
  • Try to go for a walk for 30-40 minutes every day. It helps you to digest your food better and prevents an unnecessary rise in blood sugar.

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April 4, 2019

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