what is female pattern baldness

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness refers to the thinning of hair due to reduction in the volume of hair or immense hair shedding. It generally occurs in women with androgenetic alopecia, or during post menopause when the level of hormones keeps fluctuating.
When a person suffers from female-pattern baldness, the hair follicles shrink down over a period of time, which further results into shorter and thinner hair. The follicle is unable to regrow new hair which ultimately results into baldness. The reasons for female-pattern baldness could depend on various factors. These include family history of female-pattern baldness, ageing, deficiency of iron and Vitamin B and fluctuations in the hormonal levels. However, there is no itching or sores but it is generally through skin biopsy or blood test that the reason for this is detected. Though in most of the cases the hair loss if from mild to moderate.
It is important to understand that female-pattern baldness is not a medical disorder. However, it might affect the self-esteem of the person and cause hesitation since the hair loss would be a permanent issue. There is no specific prevention for female-pattern baldness, but it is important to consult your primary medical advisor or dermatologist.

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