causes of male pattern baldness

Causes for Male Baldness

The factors which can lead to male pattern baldness are as follows:
Genes can be one of the major causes of male pattern baldness. Moreover, studies have shown that male pattern baldness is linked to male sex hormones referred to as androgens. These androgens perform various functions, which include regulating hair growth.
Weakening of hair growth cycle
Each strand of hair on your head has a growth cycle. With male pattern baldness tends to weaken this growth cycle. Further, the hair follicle shrinks, leading to production of shorter and finer hair strands. Ultimately, the growth cycle for each hair strand ends and as a result, there is no growth of new hair in place of the ones that are lost.
Generally, male pattern baldness that is genetically inherited does not have any major medical ill effects. However, in certain cases, male pattern baldness has more serious causes such as cancer, use of certain medication, thyroid, and use of anabolic steroids. Please note that you need to see your doctor urgently if there is any loss of hair immediately after you’ve taken certain medication or when hair loss happens along with other health complaints.
Fungal infections and nutritional disorders
Fungal infections of the scalp and/or nutritional disorders can also be valid reasons.
Health conditions
Male pattern baldness can also occur there’s a rash, redness, pain, scalp peeling, hair breakage, patchy hair loss, or an unusual pattern of hair loss. In certain cases, doctors go in for a skin biopsy and various blood tests in order to diagnose health or other disorders that could be responsible for the loss of hair.

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